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Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, open-world, action RPG, gacha game released in September 2020 on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS. The game takes place in the dazzling world of Teyvat, home to seven different nations that are each tied to a specific element. Despite the player following the story of the Traveler, the protagonist, they can also play as many other alluring heroes.

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The second character the player picks up is Amber, also known as the “Gliding Champion.” She controls the element of Pyro uses a Bow as her weapon. A four-star character, the player acquires Amber when working on the quest Winds of the Past. She is the last Outrider of the Knights of Favonius, but that does not stop her from doing whatever she can to help others.

10 Amber’s Bio On The Official Website

“A perky, straightforward girl, who is also the only Outrider of the Knights of Favonius. Her amazing mastery of the glider has made her a three-time winner of the Gliding Championship in Mondstadt. As a rising star within the Knights of Favonius, Amber is always ready for any challenging tasks.”

This is Amber in a nutshell, according to the game’s official website. In fact, Kaeya describes her as an “exemplary of justice.” When it comes to the Knights of Favonius, she takes her responsibilities seriously. It paid off, too: Amber is respected by those she protects for being a noble, talented hero.

9 Amber According To The Game

“Always energetic and full of life, Amber’s the best – albeit only – Outrider of the Knights of Favonius.”

While the game’s profile page and Amber’s in-game character attribute text may make her seem lonely, she is actually one of the most larger-than-life people in all of Teyvat. Amber is friendly to others and always gives them the benefit of the doubt. She is usually chipper and treats perfect strangers like her best pals. This doesn’t extend to bad guys, though; Amber is not to be messed with.

8 An Outfit Made For A Dashing Adventurer

Always ready for adventure, Amber wears a jumper and brown shorts. She also throws on a red hoodie, red tights, and white boots. Lastly, she wears a brown belt (with little baggies attached) and red gloves. Amber’s Vision is attached to her hip. The best part about Amber’s outfit, though, is her red headband with its signature bow on top.

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One of the most iconic accessories when it comes to adventurers is the goggles, either being worn or just on their head. Regarding appearance, Amber has fair skin, hazel eyes, and long, brown hair.

7 Amber Has The Talents Of A True Hunter

Anytime she’s not eating or sleeping, Amber is out hunting. With her trusty Bow in hand and the power of the Pyro element, she rains arrows of hell down upon her enemies.

All Amber’s signature attacks reference her talent as a huntress. Her normal attack is Sharpshooter, while her elemental skill is Explosive Puppet and her elemental burst is Fiery Rain. Amber’s first Ascension passive talent is Every Arrow Finds Its Target; her fourth Ascension passive is Precise Shot. Amber’s utility passive talent gets its name from her moniker, Gliding Champion.

6 Amber Is Into Arrows (Unsurprisingly)

The player needs to acquire numerous materials to level up a character’s talents. Amber requires Teachings of Freedom, Guide to Freedom, and Philosophies of Freedom; she also prefers Firm Arrowhead, Sharp Arrowhead, and Weathered Arrowhead. Amber also wants Dvalin’s Sigh.

When it comes to Ascension, she needs Agnidus Agate (Sliver, Fragment, Chunk, Gemstone), Everflame Seed, Small Lamp Grass, and…more Arrowheads (Firm, Sharp, Weathered). It comes as no surprise that this archer likes collecting these. The more ammo, the merrier.

5 Amber’s Constellation Is Lepus

The Constellation Amber follows is called Lepus. Constellations are a part of the character progression system. Each is unlocked with a Stella Fortuna (only obtainable through pulling duplicate characters via Wishes). Lepus is Latin for “Hare,” because she is kind of like a rabbit.

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If Amber goes up in level through her Constellation, her Explosive Puppet will improve and she can fire even more arrows. From levels one to six, they are One Arrow to Rule Them All, Bunny Triggered, “It Burns!”, “It’s Not Just Any Doll…”, “It’s Baron Bunny!”, and Wildfire.

4 Amber’s Grandfather Was Important In The Lore

The Outriders division of the Knights of Favonius was formed by none other than Amber’s grandfather. Unfortunately, he mysteriously disappeared. Still, he not only left behind a fantastic granddaughter but an awesome legacy.

According to the game, Amber’s grandfather comes from Liyu; this means Amber is partially Liyuan. The player might also run into Granny Ruoxin, an elderly woman who talks about falling in love with an adventurer who never returned from an expedition. This is likely Amber’s grandfather. The Favonius Warbow references Amber’s grandfather as well.

3 Amber Tends To Burn Her Food

Outrider’s Champion Steak is a special food item that the player has a chance to make by cooking Steak with Amber. It is her favorite meal and specialty, made with just raw meat.

According to the game, “One side is obviously uncooked. The other side gives off a subtle scent of something burnt. Close your eyes and have a big mouthful, just to keep Amber happy if nothing else.”

2 Amber And Her Vision

The way Amber received her Vision was touching. She became an Outrider to find out why her grandfather went missing. However, her mission turned up nothing. Amber’s grandfather did not leave anything behind for her.

One day, she was reading an ancient book of legends when she came across this phrase: “What you lacked was not wind, but courage. It is courage that has allowed you to become the first flying birds of this world.” After realizing Amber should take her destiny into her own hands, her Vision attached to her hip began to glow. She was ready to spread her wings and fly.

1 Amber Was Born On August 10

Amber’s birthday is August 10th. According to astrology, this makes her a Leo. This is a perfect fit for a character who controls the element Pyro, because the element of the Leo zodiac sign is Fire.

On top of that, Leos tend to be passionate, cheerful, and warm-hearted, and generous—just like this character. Additionally, Amber shares her birthday with reality star Kylie Jenner and actor Antonio Banderas.

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