Genshin Impact: 10 Mistakes Players Make When Using Lisa

Lisa is one of the most popular characters among Genshin Impact‘s fandom. The genius librarian of Monstadt has won over many with her charms and magic abilities. As one of the characters that are given to players for free, everyone has to use Lisa at some point.

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Other free characters, like Kaeya and Amber, are pretty straightforward. Lisa, however, is harder to get a handle on. Her Catalyst and Elemental Skill require a more methodical playstyle. Beginners tend to underestimate the placid witch due to her low base attack. But if one knows how to use her, she can become a powerful damage dealer. Avoiding these common setbacks will turn Lisa from lazy to lethal.

10 Misusing Her Normal Attack

The Catalyst weapons have a bit of a learning curve. Every weapon type has a normal and a charged variation, but the Catalyst’s are most distinct. A regular “tap” performs a normal attack up to four times in a row. Holding down deals greater damage in an AoE, at the cost of a short charge-up and Stamina.

Lisa’s focus is on dealing big damage in an area. It’s best to go for the charged attack every time unless she’s out of stamina. The normal is fine for dealing with single opponents, but the charged attack is vital up against groups.

9 Wasting Stamina

Like all Catalyst users, Lisa’s charged attack costs Stamina – the same Stamina used for sprinting and climbing. This can be an issue when fighting bosses who dish out powerful attacks frequently. Lisa should stay a decent distance when using her charged attack so she doesn’t find herself in a sticky situation.

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The main way for players to increase Stamina is through the Statues of the Seven. Collecting a region’s oculi and offering them up boosts the maximum. Also, adding Kaeya to the party activates his passive, Hidden Strength, which decreases Stamina consumed by sprinting.

8 Not Utilizing General Pharmaceutics

Lisa comes with the passive talent General Pharmaceutics by default. There’s a chance that some of the materials used to craft a potion will be refunded. Potion ingredients can be hard to find, so this is a useful talent.

Many Genshin Impact players gloss over potions, but one shouldn’t underestimate their usefulness. Lisa players should absolutely craft the Shocking Essential Oil. This potion increases the party’s Electro damage for five minutes. Since Lisa only deals in Electro damage, she’ll benefit from it more than any other character.

7 Misusing Violet Arc

Violet Arc is Lisa’s Elemental Skill. It’s often befuddling to new travelers. Like her attack, it has a normal and charged version. A tap shoots an orb that applies the “Conductive” status to enemies. Holding the button dishes out another AoE attack. Here’s the twist – Conductive enemies will take way more damage from that AoE.

Conductive can be stacked up to three times, and each stack boosts damage further. Most Lisa players build around Violet Arc, and it gets even better as the character progresses. Conduct-ify groups of enemies with the normal Skill, then hold it down to bring the hurt.

6 Failing To Get The Most Out Of Lightning Rose

Lisa’s Elemental Burst, Lightning Rose, continuously knocks back enemies within its range. This can be a blessing or a curse. It can be used to keep enemies away from Lisa. At the same time, it’ll break up clusters or move targets out of range. Players should mind their spacing when using this Burst.

Despite that, Lightning Rose is still very powerful. When combined with an AoE of a different element, it can set off tons of reactions at once. Try following up on Lisa’s Burst with Anemo attacks from Sucrose to spread the Electro status even more. Lightning Rose is extra effective against enemies and bosses that don’t suffer knockback, like the Ruin Guards.

5 Forgetting Elemental Resonance

High Voltage activates when two Electro characters are selected. Overloaded, Electro-Charged, and Superconduct reactions will generate energy-restoring particles. That’s great for charging the Bursts of Lisa and her teammates.

Players who want to focus on raw damage should try two Pyro characters. Fervent Flames increases attack by 25%. The Pyro-Electro reaction is quite strong. It deals Pyro damage to enemies close to the target. Many of Genshin Impact’s heaviest hitters are Pyro characters. Try using Xiangling, or Klee for particularly fortunate players.

4 Not Exploiting Electro Reactions

All of Lisa’s attacks apply Electro status. That makes her a very powerful tool for setting up reactions. Superconduct is arguably the strongest. When Cryo and Electro meet, the target’s physical resistance is cut in half. Superconducted enemies are sitting ducks for physical DPS units like Razor.

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Electro damage is especially strong when fighting in the water. Wet enemies will set off the Electro-Charged reaction, dealing damage over time. Those nearby will also take damage if they are Hydro-affected. Be aware that the water itself will be electrified and become a hazard. Even so, Lisa is one of the most effective characters against the Oceanid world boss.

3 Equipping The Wrong Weapons

Any Catalyst weapon that boosts Attack or Crit Rate works with Lisa. There are plenty to choose from. One of the most powerful is The Widsith. When Lisa switches in, she’ll receive a temporary buff to ATK, Elemental Damage, or Elemental Mastery. For the first ten seconds she’s out, she’ll hit like a truck.

That weapon is exclusive to Wishes and quite rare. The Magic Guide is a common option that’s very good. Enemies affected by Electro or Hydro will take more damage from the Magic Guide. Its abundance makes it easy to Refine as well.

2 Equipping The Wrong Artifacts

Lisa’s most important stats are Electro DMG and Crit Rate. Any artifacts that boost those will suit her. Thundering Fury, which buffs Electro damage and reactions, was practically made for Lisa. However, it’s hard for new players to acquire. The Gambler and Berserker sets work in a pinch.

Playing Lisa as support is another option. In this role, her main purpose is to set up reactions for other party members. Sets that increase Elemental Mastery suit this playstyle best. Noblesse Oblige and Instructor are the strongest choices here.

1 Forgetting Lisa’s Constellations

Lisa’s constellations aren’t as critical to her as to some other characters. Still, they can be useful assets. Her second constellation makes it harder for enemies to interrupt her during Violet Arc. That’s when she’s at her most vulnerable.

Her sixth and final constellation applies a stack of Conductive to nearby foes when she’s switched in. That’s extremely powerful. Be mindful, however, of switching the fragile mage into a pack of enemies. Wishing for duplicate copies of a character gives constellations. Lisa is a common, four-star character. Most will have extras of her after a few dozen Wishes.

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