Free Katana ZERO DLC Still in the Works, Six Times Bigger Than Originally Planned

Katana ZERO originally released back in April of 2019 as an instant indie darling. The 2D action platformer developed by Askiisoft is high on style, challenge, and thrills, and is one of publisher Devolver Digital’s best titles. Although it has been almost two years since the release of the game, additional downloadable content has been a part of the plan of the game for quite some time. Today, fans received an update on Katana ZERO and its DLC.

The Katana ZERO DLC is still in development as planned. According to an update from the developer, there were some hiccups last year, but things are moving forward now, and the free Katana ZERO DLC will be six times larger than originally anticipated.

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The huge size of the DLC is about half of the size of the full game, which is very generous. Fans can expect fresh levels, more enemies and bosses, new story elements, and more. In this way, the DLC is almost like Katana ZERO 1.5. But even though the content will be vast, it will still be “on the house,” as Askiisoft is not charging anything. As far as a timeframe, there is still no date set. The good news is that Askiisoft is not adding any more content at this time; it is only working on developing and polishing what it has created with the DLC.

In the video game world, time moves very quickly. It is almost easy to forget about an enjoyed game from a few years ago, or that DLC was even in the picture for something from 2019. Many fans quickly moved to similar games like this year’s Cyber Shadow, for example, but the free DLC for Katana ZERO certainly could bring them back. The idea that the content will be six times bigger than originally planned is just the icing on the cake.

Katana ZERO is out now on PC, Switch, and Xbox One.

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