Forza Horizon 4: 10 Most Expensive Cars (& The Best Season To Use Them In)

The Forza Motorsport series is one of the definitive simulation and arcade racing games in the industry. The series is made up of a long line of successful entries and is no doubt responsible for shaping the genre. Forza is slowly moving away from its simulator style, but it’s embracing an open-world concept.

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Giving players more freedom to do more things is always good for a game. However, with freedom comes more challenges and more things to do. One of these things is saving up credits to buy very expensive and very fast rides. When players get to that point, what are the most expensive vehicles they can acquire?

10 Aston Martin Vulcan

This British-made Aston Martin Vulcan is not only stylish with its 1.5 million credits price tag, but it’s also quite fast. It can go up against other supercars like Ferrari and McLaren but will cost much less.

Because the Vulcan is so low to the ground, and is only good for street driving, taking it out during the winter would make it lose much of its control. This is a good fall, summer, and spring car. Players can easily zip around the track without the worry of it throwing out its back.

9 Koenigsegg Agera RS

In Forza Horizon 4, the Koenigsegg Agera RS boasts an intimidating design and costs about 2 million credits, allowing players to be fast on a budget. Well, a budget for this price range, that is. While players will have a problem with its handling, since it’s the only issue, it won’t be hard for this car to keep up.

Players will have to compensate for this by being more careful than other drivers. However, it still manages to hold its own, and with straightaways, the Agera is in a class of its own. Much like usual sports cars or hypercars, the Agera needs to be on pavement. With snow and mud, it’ll go flying, so driving during fall and summer is ideal.

8 Shelby Daytona Coupe

The Shelby Daytona Coupe is an old-school roadster that will cost players about 8.8 million credits, but it makes the price tag worth it. This all-around good spec car is built for racing, and it does that really well. Typically, its competition is the Ferrari 250 GTO, so it goes without saying that this car can handle itself.

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For a car that has a v-8 engine and about 390 horsepower, it makes sense why it’s on the list. Plus, with being good at everything, it can stand with modern-day cars if the player is consistently upgrading it. Generally speaking, the Shelby is a race car, and a heavy one, so it does well in most seasons even the winter.

7 Alpine A110

While not as fast as or as quick, the Alpine A110 is a great car to start using when players get into the more expensive vehicles. Taking the A110 on a road with tons of corners comes with ease due to its stability. While other cars will have to slow, drivers of A110 can rest assured that going around that bend they won’t hit a wall.

Costing about 9.7 million credits, players will have to look into upgrading certain things after buying. For example, due to its small and light frame, it can lose control around corners when going too fast. This can cause the car to oversteer and lose momentum. With that, the A110 should only be taken out in less harmful conditions, like summer or fall.

6 Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5

Those looking for a little more horsepower should try the upgraded version of the Ford Mustang GT, known as the Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5. It can only be bought in the auction house for a whopping 10 million credits. In this version, everything is packing in a beefer punch. From the role cages to the engine, the Mustang is quite a monster when it’s going.

However, it is heavier than the base model, which forces drivers to think about its center of gravity because those tight corners aren’t its friend. The good thing about this variant of the Mustang is that it can be fun driving in most seasons. Uneasy road conditions won’t be challenging for it thanks to its weight.

5 Toyota 2000GT

Another old-school roadster that can own the track for good reason is the Toyota 2000GT. Going around corners and building up speed is easy for this mid-size car. Since it has a fairly medium to small body, it can get in and out of tight jams very quickly. It will cost 12 million credits, but that is justified for what it can do.

Cars like this and the Mustang are balanced pretty well, so playing with friends in this class can be fun. Not only that, but it plays a big reason in why Forza Horizon 4 is a good online racing game because most cars are balanced really well. Since it’s a rear-wheel-drive car, it’s good in most seasons and conditions that aren’t too slippery.

4 Hoonigan Rauh Welt Begriff Porsche

One of the reasons why Forza Horizon is the top-tier arcade racer is because of how much they pay attention to the cars.  They understand how different the Hoonigan Rauh Welt Begriff is from its base model, although the Porsche itself has questionable handling due to its heavy backside.

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To accommodate this, much of the interior is gone to help get around those corners tighter. Adding on its quicker acceleration speed, Hoonigan’s version builds on everything. Costing 12.8 million credits, players will need a higher level of driving to handle it. Like the base version, it can be driven in most seasons, but the best one is during summertime when the roads will be forgiving.

3 Hummer H1 Open Top

The new version on the H1 comes with more than an open roof, hence the name, Hummer H1 Open Top. This truck can be good for street racing, but it’s the off-road aspect of it that makes it intimidating. It’s able to clean up the countryside and take the race off-road by its very fluid suspension system. Being able to hold driving straight on unequal land will put drivers of the Hummer in first place.

Racing on solid ground like pavement, or turning and cornering, will be harder, mainly due to the loose suspension. The convertible truck will run players about 15.2 million credits, which is rather expensive, but this truck can do more than the others. Because it’s an off-road vehicle, it can do well in seasons with dangerous conditions.

2 Lamborghini Diablo GTR

The Lamborghini Diablo GTR is the racing variant of the GT, so it’s really fast, but it’ll cost a hefty 16 million. Racing with this will put players in first place in no time. The issue with this car is that although it’s pretty fast down the lane, not flying off the track can be tricky. While at high speeds, the player will need to compensate for the air time.

Thankfully, due to the large wing on the back, it weighs the rear end down more, forcing the wheels to stay on the ground. This helps the car’s back end from coming out in turns. Players need to worry about almost all seasons when buying this car. Being really low to the ground doesn’t help driving in most seasons.

1 McLaren Speedtail

Players buying the McLaren Speedtail, or pure force of energy as it should be called, probably have a lot of credits they’re waiting to spend and have done most of the game. The reason being is that the Speedtail is not only expensive at 20 million credits but also rare. Driving this car, players will need to be in a straight line in order to get those high speeds. Since it’s good for drag racing, turning wouldn’t be an issue.

Coming off those turns won’t matter because the Speedtail has one the fastest acceleration speeds out of most cars of its kind. Driving this car, in general, makes the game itself feel different, and is probably why it translates over to the next-gen console well. The Speedtail is good for the lighter seasons, like fall and summer, but winter wouldn’t be an easy time.

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