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Epic Games’ new Crew Pack subscription service for Fortnite has offered several exclusive skins to players for the last few months, with seemingly random themes for each new update. However, some fans have noticed what appears to be a pattern in the drops of new Fortnite skins like Alli, specifically in how they relate to previous seasons.

First shared through the Dexerto operated arm of Fortnite news in Japan and leaker @ShiinaBR, the pattern has gained some traction among the fan community. Most interestingly is how this might give fans a hint at what might be coming for the next Crew Pack, as this trend could imply a new variant of a fan favorite skin possibly coming soon.

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The pattern that the fans have found is that each of the previous Crew Packs appear to follow the same themes as previous Battle Passes, starting with the skins from Season 3. Early examples of how these Crew Packs continue to follow the themes of previous Fortnite seasons’ skins include The Green Arrow coinciding with Season 4’s hero theme and the new skin Alli being an alternate version of Lynx. If this trend continues the way it has so far followed, then this could mean that the May Crew Pack could align its theme with the skins available from the Season 8 Battle Pass.

One option from this pattern that fans are excited might be the case, is that Epic Games could be planning some new version of the fan-favorite character Peely in the next Crew Pack announcement. There are a few more themes or costumes that could be reworked for the next release, though Peely is still the most likely choice due to the character’s status in the community. Considering that a recent Fortnite cinematic brutally killed Peely, there could be some sort of zombie or Frankenstein variant coming soon.

Much of what Epic Games could be planning for the next Crew Pack is still up to speculation, which fans are quick to do when trying to get the inside track on the developer. So, as Fortnite fans communicate directly with Epic Games, there will likely be many more theories about the remaining Crew Packs all the way through to the end of the year. If that is the case, then the developer might have to pull some clever tricks or rearrange release schedules if it wants to keep fans on their toes for what will be arriving with these premium packs in the future.

Fortnite is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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