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Fortnite added many new features and fun challenges when Season 6 launched in March. The excitement didn’t end there, though. Throughout the season, more events and additions are sure to come. Not the least of which is the Spring Breakout quest series. Fans will want to take the time to complete these quests, as there are cosmetic rewards and lots of battle pass XP on the line. To start with, players will have to search for Bouncy Eggs hidden across the Fortnite map.

Players who log into Fortnite and check their quest log during the week of April 1st will see that the new Legendary challenge is from Webster. This maniacal-looking duck claims to have something big planned. To help him bring his ideas to fruition, the player must forage for Bouncy Eggs around the island. The first tier of the quest calls for 10 eggs and rewards the player with a new melee weapon cosmetic and a large chunk of XP. After completing this step, even more eggs will need to be gathered.

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Luckily, the eggs that players will be searching for tend to come in twos or threes. The quest can quickly be completed just by visiting a few of the locations marked on the map below and gathering the eggs. If no eggs are found at these locations, it could mean that another player has already swung by and claimed them. If this is the case, the solution is as simple as coming back in the next match.

It’s important to be well-equipped with weapons when going out on an egg hunt. Many players will be scrambling to clear the new quest as soon as possible, so a hostile encounter is highly likely. Another thing to note is that Bouncy Eggs will take up a slot in the inventory. Players should be prepared to drop more useful items such as weapons or shield potions for the sake of completing the quest. However, progress is made simply by picking up the egg – this means there’s no reason not to immediately drop them and re-equip more useful gear.

The next stage of Webster’s quest chain calls for players to collect 10 more Bouncy Eggs, for a total of 20. After that, a total of 30 eggs is the next objective. Bouncy Eggs can be found all over the island, so fans may enjoy exploring high and low for all the clever hiding spots. For those who just wish to complete the quests quickly and efficiently, the best method is to simply revisit a few trusty spots in each match until all tiers of the quest are complete.

The April event in Fortnite is just kicking off. There are more rewards to earn through questing, and more festive items that eager fans can purchase with their V-Bucks. For players who just want to progress their battle pass and get closer to the high-end rewards, the Easter-themed event is a great opportunity for claiming huge amounts of XP as well.

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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