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Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6, also known as Fortnite Primal, really switched things up with weapons. A new crafting mechanic allows players to craft Primal or Mechanical weapons from Makeshift weapons, allowing them to customize their loadout for better firepower, accuracy, and more. With so many new weapons to choose from, it may be a bit confusing for Fortnite players to know which weapons are best.

Many fan-favorite weapons find themselves in the vault this Season, with sniper rifles being the most notable. Replaced by bows, these slower yet more customizable pieces of equipment offer much more variety and flexibility to Primal players, making Apollo Island truly feel wilder.

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These Fortnite weapons are the best of the best for varying reasons. Unless otherwise noted, players will want to make sure they at least have them at purple, if not higher.

Mechanical (Pump) Shotgun – Even with a reduced headshot multiplier than the previous version of this unvaulted weapon, Pump Shotguns deal 100 DMG per solid shot. The best part? Rare Makeshift shotguns are easy to come by in Fortnite, as are mechanical parts. All players need is four parts, a Rare Makeshift, and they have got themselves all set up to make an Epic Pump Shotgun and tear the competition apart.

Epic and Legendary Assault Rifle (SCAR) – The SCAR has always been one of the best weapons in Fortnite. It is a reliable weapon with the perfect balance of speed, power, and magazine size.

Primal Shotgun – Like the vaulted Drum Shogun of old, players can craft a Primal Shotgun with a Makeshift Shotgun and four Animal Bones. They are also pretty common drops around Apollo Island. The Primal Shotgun does more damage than the Pump Shotgun with a two-round blast, but the accuracy is wore. Still, if Fortnite players get close enough to smell their opponents’ breath, they better hope to have one of these shotguns on hand.

These Fortnite weapons are a bit above average, standing out from the crowd for many different reasons. Some are just pure power move weapons to have in a player’s arsenal. Others are more utility than anything else. Like the weapons listed above, players will want to make sure they have these at Epic level or higher.

P90 – The best version of the Mechanical SMG, the P90 is powerful and fast, able to tear through builds and players alike. While not great at a distance, the P90 is a killer at medium and close range.

Primal Stink Bow – At first glance, the Primal Stink Bow may not be the most obvious contender for A tier. Crafted by combining a Primal Bow with a Stink Sac, this weapon fires an arrow the unleashes a small cloud of poisonous gas upon impact. It is not very strong, but it can flush players out of hiding places and tight builds when used correctly.

Mechanical Shockwave Bow – Similar to the Primal Sting Bow above, the Mechanical Shockwave Bow is not very powerful. By crafting a Mechanical Bow with two Shockwave Grenades, players get the range and accuracy of a bow with a Shockwave Grenade’s utility. This means they can boost themselves into the air or push other players off of high places in hopes of taking them out with fall damage.

Rocket Launcher – With massive explosive damage, the Rocket launcher is simply just a good weapon. It always has been.

Primal Pistol – The Primal Pistol is another not-so-obvious contender, but its power, accuracy, and triple-shot burst make it a valuable asset to have in Fortnite Primal in the hands of a skilled player. Ultimately, it’s a great fallback weapon for when players need to make a tight shot without a bow’s pull-back time.

These weapons are solid and will treat players well, just not as well as the higher tiers.

Submachine Gun – SMGs do a fair amount of damage, and their accuracy is not terrible. Deadly at close range, they are a good early-game weapon to find.

Mechanical Explosive Bow – The mechanical Explosive Bow would be a lot better if Grenades were easier to find in Fortnite Primal. They are not easily crafted or supplied with enough ammunition to place higher.

Primal Rifle – A staple in early to mid-game, the Primal Rifle packs a real punch, but the accuracy needs compensation with a skilled hand to make sure shots hit their mark.

Primal Flame Bow – The Primal Flame Bow’s best use it to set wooden structures on fire. Buildings, trees, and wooden player constructs do not stand a chance against a flame, and this bow is a great way to flush players out of structures. If the wielder is lucky, they may even torch a few poor souls who can not get out fast enough.

These weapons are not great, but they are certainly not the worst guns in Fortnite. If there is nothing else better available, these will do in a pinch.

Makeshift Shotgun – Shotguns are always good to have on hand when combat gets up close and personal, especially in build fights. While this shotgun is the worst of the bunch, it is still a shotgun and worth grabbing over any other Makeshift Weapon.

Mechanical Bow – The Mechanical Bow is better than the Primal Bow but nowhere near as good as its more useful upgrades. Bows are accurate but slow on the draw, replacing the reload time of Sniper Rifles with pull-back time that means a player’s first shot is always going to be a few seconds to take.


D Tier weapons should only be used if nothing else is available when players first land on Apollo Island.

Primal Bow – There is not much great about the Primal Bow than the fact that it can upgrade into a Primal Stink Bow or a Primal Flame Bow.

Revolver – This unvaulted weapon packs a punch when a player scores a headshot, but the clip is too small and its regular damage is not good enough to keep on hand.

Makeshift Weapons Not Listed Above – Makeshift weapons are there to craft into better weapons. They can do in a pinch but are not meant to stick around until the end of a game.

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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