Fortnite Reportedly Changing Controversial Superhero Skin

Fortnite‘s in the business of cosmetics. Epic Games is constantly introducing new skins, emotes, and other microtransactions to the game, as well as cycling through old cosmetics to give Fortnite players a second chance to make a purchase. From time to time, one of these cosmetics ends up having unforeseen consequences. Such is the case with certain customization included in Fortnite‘s recent Boundless set of cosmetics.

Epic has now confirmed that it’s going to be making changes to the Boundless set of cosmetics. Specifically, there’s an outfit in the Boundless set that allows players to customize its colors. The color combination of black and black, as well as the combinatioon of white and white, are both going to be removed from the game. Epic explains that the reason for this decision is due to these color combinations potentially compromising the “competitive integrity of matches.”

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While Epic’s explanation doesn’t go into detail regarding how the outfit and these specific color combinations impact Fortnite‘s competitive integrity, the community is already well aware of the situation. The black and black combination of the skin covers a Fortnite character from head to toe in dark material, as if they were wearing a matte black body suit. It even covers the player’s face, so there’s no discernable detail to see. A player wearing this skin could easily hide in shadows or at a distance, tricking their opponents.

The white and white combination of the Boundless Fortnite skin is similarly at issue, though instead of being so dark it melds with shadows, it’s so light that it can blend with brighter backgrounds. While there were less issues within the Fortnite community with the white and white Boundless skin, Epic must have decided that these mono-color superhero skin customizations were all a bad idea in general.

Fortnite players who are unhappy with the situation, or who purchased the Boundless cosmetic set specifically for these options, have recourse. Epic Games says that it will be opening up the option for a refund for the purchase, starting with the 15.30 update and lasting for 30 days afterward.

Epic is also learning from the situation and says that it has tweaked interior lighting in Fortnite as a result of this decision. This is perhaps to prevent similar situations from coming up again in the future, regardless of what a skin looks like. In a game that changes as fast as Fortnite does, with as much new content as Fortnite sees, sometimes buggy things happen.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and mobile devices.

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