Fortnite: How to Find a Family Portrait from a Shipwreck

One of Fortnite‘s Season 5 Week 12 challenges instructs players to find a family portrait from a shipwreck. While fans that already know the location of a shipwreck in Fortnite will be able tackle this task quite easily, those that do not may find it fairly difficult. It is for this second group of players that this guide is being written, and indeed it should make completing the challenge a breeze.

To begin, there are two areas that fans can visit in order to complete this challenge, and they are essentially on the opposite ends of the map. The first, and perhaps most obvious, of these areas is Fortnite‘s Shipwreck Cove, which is located at the coast southeast of Catty Corner. The other is Crashed Cargo, and players will find it at the beach that is directly to the west of Sweaty Sands.

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Once a Fortnite fan has determined which of these two locations to target, they will then need to uncover a family portrait there. Fortunately, there are several pictures at both Shipwreck Cove and Crashed Cargo, and players that spend just a bit of time in one of these areas are likely to stumble across one. That said, here are specific details on the locations of the family portraits for those fans that want them:

  1. In a bathtub at the northeast corner.
  2. By a rock and a life preserver at the southwest corner.
  3. By an overturned green and red boat at the south end.
  1. Near a pile of wooden crates just north of the shipping containers.
  2. In a red shipping container that extends into the water near the south end.

After locating one of these family portraits, players should simply approach and press the input that appears on screen to interact with it. They should then receive immediate indication that they have completed the “find a family portrait from a shipwreck” challenge and earned their reward. That reward is a reasonable amount of XP, and it should not be missed by fans that are currently looking to level up in Fortnite Season 5.

This is certainly not the only opportunity to earn XP this week, though, as there are a number of other new challenges to take on. For example, there is task that requires fans to throw a fish back in to the water in Fortnite as well as one that centers around catching different weapons, and they can be completed in tandem quite nicely.

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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