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On occasion in Fortnite, there is a challenge that is bugged and cannot be completed. At the beginning of this season, a rare quest appeared, calling for players to destroy “shrubs,” but it didn’t seem to work at first. But players can now chop down bushes for some Fortnite XP after update 15.20.

Without any clarification, the challenge to “destroy shrubs” might seem a little ambiguous. What exactly counts as a “shrubs” in Fortnite? As a rule of thumb when completing this challenge, players should look for small plants about half the height of their avatar or shorter. These bushes need to be able to be destroyed, and almost all of them can be chopped down with one swing of a Fortnite harvesting tool.

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These can look like hostas, bushes with pink roses or other pink flowers, ferns, or cacti.

There are two major locations that players can look for bushes to harvest in Fortnite: Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park. There, players will find these shrubs located around houses and buildings, along roads, and in the medians of roadways. There are several bushes, for example, around the buildings in Holly Hedges where players needed to find books last week.

Thankfully, the two locations where the shrubs are found are not some of the deadliest locations in Fortnite, and they can be dropped in on directly from the bus. Players should destroy as many as they can find in both locations, as the shrubs will continue to count toward progressively larger tiers of this challenge.

Fortnite now features what it calls “Milestone Quests,” which are rare challenges that are tiered. Each level of the quest requires players to perform the challenge action progressively more times. Milestone Quests have included challenges like eating apples, destroying trees, killing opponents, and more.

Like most other rare quests, players can continue to destroy more shrubs to attain higher tiers. Each tier of this challenge gives the player 15,000 XP, so if they complete all five levels, they will earn a grand total of 75,000 XP. The tiers are as follows:

  • Destroy 10 shrubs
  • Destroy 50 shrubs
  • Destroy 100 shrubs
  • Destroy 250 shrubs
  • Destroy 500 shrubs (estimated)

Once players complete every tier of this challenge, and maybe pick up the Fortnite XP coins too, they’ll have pocketed a pretty large amount of XP toward their battle pass.

Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Source: FortniteInsider, FortniteFun