Dataminers have started to discover expected improvements inside the files of the battle royale once again. A further addition to Fortnite’s Coliseum location appears to be next up. Fortnite’s Coliseum leak comes from popular dataminer Mang0e, who claims that in the 15.10 patch released in mid-December, they found something. A version for the Coliseum’s battle grounds is among the scripts, but not currently used in-game.

The move replaces the sands of the Coliseum with water instead, instead featuring two different longboats and different lengths of docks arranged between them. A much more complex atmosphere for Fortnite players to battle will be created by the alternate Coliseum.

It is recorded that the Romans once filled the real Coliseum with water and conducted a simulated naval battle featuring ship fleets and warriors fighting for supremacy. Epic Games seems to be trying to replicate Fortnite’s idea, but in a more dumb and less brutal and aggressive way, obviously. Perhaps if Epic required players to move the ships around, the Coliseum experience would be a little more conventional.

As Epic Games continues to carry out new content updates for the game, 2021 is sure to be yet another major year for Fortnite.  Expect more Fortnite news for 2021 to come in the weeks ahead.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.