Final Fantasy VII Remake: 7 Other Exciting Subplots That Could Be Explored Through DLC

While the prospect of learning a little more about Yuffie in the upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy VII Remake is an exciting one, there are plenty of other subplots throughout The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII that are arguably far more interesting. What’s more, as many players never got the chance to experience them for themselves, it would certainly make sense for Square Enix to incorporate some of them into the remake in some capacity.

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Whether taken from the PSP exclusive Crisis Core or the Japan only mobile game Before Crisis, these storylines are teeming with potential and would definitely provide some captivating gameplay moments. It’s possible that Tetsuya Nomura is already planning to include them in the remake’s main story, but, if not, they’d certainly make for some wonderful DLC episodes.

7 Fallout From The Wutai War

Although the Wutai War is over and done with, hostilities between the East and West still remain. The remake seems to have made a point of highlighting this on several occasions, suggesting that the Wutai storyline may end up playing a much larger role than it did in the original game. The upcoming Yuffie DLC raises the possibility of this happening through DLC though rather than the main storyline.

As those who played the original game will know, recruiting Yuffie was entirely optional; as too was the entire Wutai storyline. With that being the case, releasing it as DLC may not seem like a terrible idea to the team at Square Enix. It would certainly be nice to get a bit more backstory for Yuffie, not to mention a better idea of the current situation in Wutai. Of course, the latter could just as easily be explored using Sonon instead.

6 Vincent’s Origins

Yuffie was one of two optional party members in the original game. The other one was Vincent Valentine, a former Turk who’s currently in the midst of a 20 year nap down in the basement of the Shinra mansion in Nibelheim. It’s for this reason that a simultaneous DLC episode akin to Yuffie’s wouldn’t really work, but one that explores his fascinating past certainly could.

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Like Cloud and Sephiroth, Vincent was experimented on by Hojo while supervising the infamous Jenova project. He was also incredibly friendly with Sephiroth’s birth mother, Lucrecia, and was around during the time of the one-winged angel’s conception. With this in mind, the developers could effectively cover two different origin stories through a single DLC episode were they to go down this route.

5 The Missing Tifa Chapter

Given how much new content found its way into Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s a little surprising to learn that quite a lot was left on the cutting room floor. Some of it was fairly substantial too, with the Ultimania for the game revealing that an entire Tifa related chapter was cut at some pint during development.

This missing chapter would have slotted in somewhere around chapter eight and covered the events between the Air Buster battle and Wall Market. According to level designer Yuri Hioki, the scenario would have seen Tifa finding out about Shinra’s nefarious plan to bring down the plate and then using her charm and strength to find out more.

4 Zack’s Journey To Midgar

While it seems unlikely that Square Enix will incorporate the entirety of Crisis Core into the remake, the appearance of Zack at the end of the first part suggests that there are plans to at least do something with the character. Given that he seems destined to play a part in the main, it would definitely be interesting to see exactly how he came to be in Midgar; especially as he’s supposed to be dead.

The reworked design of Stamp heavily implies that the scene with Zack took place in an alternate version of reality in which he somehow survived the encounter with the Shinra forces. This showdown could provide some enjoyable gameplay while also elaborating on what exactly happened to Cloud in this new version of reality. As things stand, the latter’s absence from the scene raises a lot of questions.

3 Nanaki’s Tale

On the whole, the remake does a wonderful job of fleshing out its characters and filling in some of the blanks from the original game. One notable exception, however, is Red XIII; whose backstory seems to have been left intentionally vague. Although the Japan only game Before Crisis does explain how he came to be in Hojo’s lab, retelling Red’s capture for the sake of western audiences wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

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Another possible storyline that could be explored involves Red’s father, Seto, who laid down his life to protect Cosmo Canyon from the Gi tribe. This is covered to a certain degree in the original game, but actually being able to play through the Battle of the Cave of the Gi could be fun if it’s done correctly. Considering it takes place in an already existing environment, it really shouldn’t be too difficult for Square Enix to make it happen either.

2 The Inner Workings Of Shinra

Another character who shows up briefly towards the end of the remake is Cait Sith, although it’s more of a cameo than anything else. While the anthropomorphic plush toy doesn’t join up with the party until their arrival at Gold Saucer though, there’s no reason why the character couldn’t be introduced to players a little earlier – just like Yuffie.

There were several cutscenes added to the remake that gave players a much better idea of what exactly is going on behind the scenes at Shinra and while these do provide a little extra context, some of them felt a little disjointed. A great way to get around this would be to instead use Cait Sith, who at the current point in time is perfectly placed to provide players with this alternate perspective.

1 Episode Turks

While a playable Cait Sith episode would give some interesting insight into the goings on at Shinra, an episode centered around the Turks arguably has a lot more appeal. Rude and Reno are two of the coolest characters in The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and getting to spend a bit more time with them wouldn’t go a miss with most fans.

The pair have been members of the Turks for quite some time now and so could be used to cover events from various points throughout the timeline. Perhaps the most interesting, however, would be those happening simultaneously with the ones that players experience in the first part of the remake. This could be in the form of them trying to track down Aerith or even plotting to destroy the plate above the slums.

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