Final Fantasy 7 Remake Fans are Exploring Midgar in Virtual Reality

While Final Fantasy 7 Remake still hasn’t come to the PC, gamers who primarily use that platform don’t have to be kept entirely in the dark. In fact, they’re able to access a very special experience that can’t be accomplished on a PS4 or PS5.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake hype remains at a high, especially following the recent announcement of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Integrade that will bring Yuffie to the game. While it’s likely that the second episode of the remake is still a long ways off, players can take a look around Midgar in virtual reality right now.

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This chance is made possible with the help of the VR Chat platform. VR Chat allows players to visit worlds in first-person, as well as meeting with others to socialize. Gamers who use VR Chat are not only able to create and upload their own avatars, but can also share maps for themselves and others to explore. Users Takato Matsuki and Colonel McKernel have stepped up and ported over several maps from the FF7 Remake, allowing players to explore the iconic Seventh Heaven bar, Cloud’s Apartment, Aerith’s House, and the Church she collects flowers in.

While players with a VR-compatible PC and a virtual reality headset like the Valve Index will be able to get the most out of this experience, even those without VR can take a peek. Players can navigate through VR Chat‘s worlds in 2D, which produces far less strain on a PC, and gives an idea of what the game would be like if it could be played entirely in first-person.

Unfortunately, not all VR Chat maps and avatars are accessible on the Oculus Quest, despite the platform’s presence on the standalone VR headset’s app store. With the Quest’s system limitations, it can’t handle certain areas and avatars that are overly demanding. However, even Oculus Quest owners can hook up their headsets directly to their PCs (providing the PC can handle the experience) and utilize them that way to explore Midgar.

While it remains unknown if a PC port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will eventually be released, fans without a modern Sony console can at least enjoy this experience. In addition, the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 mobile game, Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, will give players with modern mobile phones the opportunity to experience events from the entire Final Fantasy 7 timeline, including its spin-off games and feature-length film, Advent Children.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available for the PS4.

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