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Square Enix has been releasing little bits of information about the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI. Of course, fans will use any bit of information to craft crazy theories about where the series is headed.

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Some longtime fans have taken leaps and bounds to connect the new world to that of Final Fantasy XIV. Others have created their own ideas about who each character truly is. While some theories may seem a bit far-fetched, there might be some truth to them. After all, fans have guessed correctly about games in the past. Who’s to say they can’t do it again?

10 Tattoos From FFXIV Will Make A Return

YouTuber Ethys Asher points out in their video that fans have called attention to the tattoos featured in the FFXVI trailer. These fans have compared them with the tattoos featured in FFXIV. The tattoos pointed out in the trailer don’t match any of the ones found in FFXIV, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be something similar.

As Ethys Asher points out, these tattoos could signify characters who possess powers in FFXVI. Whether any of this is true will only be found out in the new game, but it would be interesting to see a link.

9 Eikons Could Be Another Link To FFXIV

Another connection between FFXVI and FFXIV is the mention of eikons. This term is used to refer to summons. The other connection between these two games is the way that summons are brought in. The dominant (the person who brings in the summon) takes on the form of the summon, like those in FFXIV.

Some fans see this as another sign that could mean that the two games are connected in some way. It seems a little more plausible than the tattoo idea, but players will still need to wait to see if that theory is correct.

8 How Summons Will Work

There’s more than one theory floating around about how summons work in FFXVI. The trailer leads fans to believe one of two things. Either the host transforms into the summon, or the summon lends them their magic and can be brought out separately.

It’s been pointed out how characters can use magical abilities, and so the thought is that the summons are the hosts. The summons lend their magical abilities to characters, allowing them to channel their magic in combat. Fans also point out the Ifrit and Pheonix summons, believing that both summonses are brought out instead of taking over the host.

7 The Questions Surrounding Joshua’s Summons

Fans have yet again pointed out Ifrit and Pheonix. This time, however, they mention how the two appear to be fighting over Joshua in the trailer. There is no doubt that Joshua summons Pheonix. Fans are well aware of that being canon to the story at this point.

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Some point out that Ifrit was brought out through Joshua’s rage. They believe that this scene shows the two summons fighting over Joshua to see which one is his summon. However, the website has partially debunked this theory. It points out that Pheonix does in fact belong to Joshua. This still begs the question though: where does Ifrit come in?

6 Light And Dark Eikons

This theory goes along with the idea that there are both light and dark Eikons. It’s another theory that plays on the ideas of FFXIV, because of the light and dark crystals. The idea here is that Pheonix is the light Eikon, whereas Ifrit is the dark Eikon. This could potentially explain how both of them are able to exist at one time.

The theory also states that it could behave as a dominance issue. Eikons without dominants are considered to be the dark Eikons, while ones that do have a dominant are considered light Eikons.

5 Clive Is Ifrit’s Dominant

This one seems a little out there, but fans have come to believe that Clive is Ifrit’s dominant. The theory also states that nobody has figured it out because they didn’t notice him summon Ifrit. Some also theorize that it is because nobody thought Ifrit could have a dominant, or that Clive wasn’t believed to be a dominant.

This fan theory stems from the trailer portion where Ifrit is shown ripping something up. During this scene, Clive screams for Ifrit to stop because that’s his younger brother.

4 Joshua Is The Antagonist

Some fans have speculated as to a big reveal in the game: that Joshua is the antagonist. They draw this conclusion from the trailer where Joshua appears to die. Again, believers in this theory cite the scene where Ifrit tears something up, while Clive yells that it is his little brother.

Fans theorize that Pheonix is Joshua’s Eikon. In this case, after Joshua dies, Phoenix brings him back to life. Clive is unaware of this event, and without Clive around, Joshua grows up to become evil. However, considering the limited information from the trailer, this might be a bit of a stretch.

3 Jill – Shiva’s Dominant

A fan theory coming from YouTuber Soldier_1stClass claims that Jill, the little girl seen with Joshua in the trailer, is actually Shiva’s Dominant. He draws this connection based on Jill’s clothes, Clive’s tattoo, and a time skip.

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Jill’s clothes in the trailer contrast Joshua’s red and white style. Furthermore, her blue and white style lines up with Shiva’s colors. Joshua touches his tattoo when Shiva’s dominant is mentioned. Soldier_1stClass draws the conclusion that this means Joshua knows Shiva’s dominant. Check out the video to learn more, though it does contradict the website a bit.

2 Bahamut’s Potential Role In The Plot

YouTuber Hawthornearts proposed a theory that Bahamut is the god who brought the crystals to the land of Valisthea. He pieces this together based on the names of the locations in Valisthea. Each of the names on the website has dragon in them.

Hawthornearts believes this is a link to Bahamut, because Bahamut is the dragon deity. He also talks about the ties that different Final Fantasy games have to religious beliefs, and how this could tie into the idea that some nations believe the Eikons to be evil. The video ends with the idea that Bahamut could be reformed and end up being the final boss of the game.

1  Clive’s Mission Is One Of Revenge

The FFXVI website has descriptions of each character. For Clive, it states that he is on a mission of revenge after his promising career ended in tragedy because of the dark Eikon, Ifrit. Some fans have taken this description and images from the trailer to conclude that Joshua, Clive’s younger brother, is dead.

The theory states that Clive is on a mission of revenge after Ifrit killed his younger brother. His career ended because Joshua died after Clive was tasked with protecting him. Some have disputed this, claiming that Square Enix wouldn’t kill a main character or show their death in the trailer.

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