Final Fantasy 14 Valentine's Day 2021 Event Offers Fans Moogle Items

Square Enix has decked out the virtual space of Eorzea with an interactive Valentine’s Day event for Final Fantasy 14 players, complete with a limited event space and new Moogle-inspired items. Fans of the longtime Final Fantasy mascot can jump into the game now and participate in the holiday event to snag the new items to decorate themselves and their personal spaces.

The event, which started on February 10th, will be available in Final Fantasy 14 through March 8th, and requires players to be at least level 15 to participate. In addition to a few new decorations thrown around the area, Square Enix has also included a new quest for players to embark on for the season, though some progress through the main story is needed before it becomes accessible.

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This event in particular will also extend into two phases, where the in-game city of Old Gridania will be decorated first for Valentione’s Day until February 21st before shifting to Little Lady’s Day until March 8th. From there, players can embark on the new quest “A Delivery of Love” in order to earn new event items designed after a specific Moogle. One of these items is a hat that gives players Moogle ears and a heart bubble over their head, with the second being a tabletop plush version of Final Fantasy 14‘s mascot Kupka Kupp to decorate any personal space.

Considering the way that Square Enix’s most most recent online outing is looking to continue evolving with the future Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker expansion, there’s plenty of reasons to pick up these decorative items. Especially with Moogles being such a long running mascot of the series, fans will likely want to sign in quickly to get their hands on these event rewards.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS3, and PS4, with a PS5 version in development.

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