Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker: 10 Things We Know So Far About The Upcoming Expansion

The recent announcement of Final Fantasy 14’s next expansion, Endwalker, gave players a ton of information of what to expect when the game comes out in Fall 2021. It was announced on February 5th by Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida, and players got a sneak peak through a trailer featuring the Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, and Alisaie.

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With each expansion, the MMORPG has gotten better and better in terms of reviews popularity. With that in mind, many players are excited and already preparing their characters for their upcoming new adventure. Square Enix has a lot in store, as they already gave players a lot to think about in their first announcement of Endwalker.

10 Belts Are Going Away

A lot players took belts for granted. They are the one piece of equipment characters can wear that make no outward changes. They are just hidden armor and nothing more. Due to this, the Final Fantasy 14 creators decided the era of belts is over.  Players can keep their earrings, bracelets, and necklaces because they have a visual component. However, belts are going out of style the moment Endwalker comes.

So what will happened to belts? All equipped belts will be donated to Calamity Salvagers. Players who have materia on their belts are recommended to remove the materia before Endwalker comes out or else they will lose that materia. With belts being removed from the game, they will no longer be dropped as loot in any duty as well.

9 Estinien Can Be In Trusts

Estinien is a fan favorite, so players are quite excited to spend more time with him in Endwalker. It was announced that he will be available as a melee DPS character to partake in Trusts. Details as to why he joins the Scions when he normally works alone was not said.

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One reason Estinien may have been introduced as a new Trust companion is because Rhyne will play less of a role in Endwalker than she did in Shadowbringers. In Shadowbringers, Rhyne was available as a melee DPS. However, Endwalker does not appear to take place on the First, so Rhyne will likely not be available as a Trust companion.

8 Ishgardian Housing Will Come In 6.1

Since Ishgard’s Restoration crafting questline, players have been waiting with baited breath for the release of Ishgardian housing. During Endwalker’s announcement, it was mentioned that the Ishgard Housing will come in patch 6.1. That means it won’t immediately be available upon Endwalker’s release, but it will be a little bit after.

Final Fantasy 14 has been in a housing crisis for a long time with far more players than houses available. It is likely that there will be a mad-dash for the houses once 6.1 drops. As for how many houses will be available, Yoshida did say that Ishgard will have the same amount of wards as other neighborhoods, so there will be 24 wards with 30 plots each.

7 New Jobs: Sage And DPS

Players have been hoping a new healer class for a while, and Square Enix served well with an announcement for a new healing job: Sage. Their weapons are called Nouliths and their guild will be in Limsa Lominsa. What separates Sage from many other game jobs is that they are original and not pulled from other Final Fantasy titles. Also, Alphinaud appears to take up the Sage class in the Endwalker trailer.

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There will be a second new class. Much about it is unknown but it was revealed that the class will be a melee DPS. Many fans are predicting a reaper or necromancer class among others, but it is all just rumor for now.

6 Island Sanctuary Content

Many players are calling this piece of upcoming content “Harvest Moon meets Final Fantasy 14″ or “Animal Crossing meets Final Fantasy 14.”

While much is still unknown, it seems that players will be able to live out a farming lifestyle on their very own island. They will cultivate plants, raise animals, and basically just live off the land. Based on their appearances in the concept art, fans are hoping that they can interact more with their collected minions and mounts through this upcoming content.

5 Level Cap Increases To 90

This bit of information was expected. Like in Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers, Endwalker will also add 10 levels to the cap. So the highest level players will have by the end of Endwalker will be 90.

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Like Shadowbringers, Endwalker will continue the role quests (rather than the specific job quests from before). However, they will separate physical melee DPS and ranged melee DPS as two different roles. So those who want to complete all the role quests in Endwalker will need to have a tank, a physical melee DPS, a physical ranged DPS,  a healer, and magical DPS all at 80.

4 New Beast Tribe: Matanga

All new expansions have had their beast tribes. In Shadowbringers it was the Pixies and later the Qitari and Dwarves. Fans got a sneak-peak into the one of the new beast tribes of Endwalker and they are humanoid-elephant-like people called Matanga.

These guys may be familiar as polayers may remember having to fight these guys at level 66 in The Azim Steppe. However, these particular ones are friendly and wear clothes. Also, there is already a minion of a Matanga that is dropped in the treasure hunt, Hidden Canals of Uznair.

3 There Will Be Number Crunching

There will be tweaks to the numbers of Final Fantasy 14’s battle system. Values such as everything’s overall HP and damage need to be down-scaled in order to avoid bugs and glitches in the game.

During the announcement, Yoshida wanted to drill in that fact that this change will not make the players weaker at all. All the changes will be proportional, so while it may look like they are doing less damage than usual, they are actually not any weaker because everything else around them has been downsized as well.

2 New Areas: Garlean Empire And Thavnair

The sort of regions that will be explored in Endwalker were announced, along with the names and concept art of some specific areas. One area has been long awaited by players, and that is the Garlean Empire. The other is Thavnair, with players know far less about except for maybe the fact that is where Thavnairian Onions come from.

In terms of specific locations, a city was revealed called Radz-At-Han which looks like a city built on cliffs. It a little similar to the design of Eulmore in terms of colors and being built high up.

1 New Dungeons And Raids

Of course with a new expansion comes new dungeons and raids. Fans got a look at concept art for various Endwalker raids, some ranging from modern and sci-fi to others that are more fantasy-esque. One of the dungeons looks like a ruined temple while another looks like a creepy bio-tech fortress. Another looks like a train station of some sort.

There will also be a new raid called “Pandaemonium” and it may include the Ascian Lahabrea, as art of him was shown during the annoucement. He died back in Heavensward, but maybe he is making a comeback.

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