Fifa 21 Ultimate Team: Best Eredivisie Squad To Unlock Van Bergen

It is already Season four in Fifa 21, and players have more featured challenges than ever. One of the best players in this Season’s challenges is Van Bergen, a rising star for SC Heerenveen. The Dutch winger is only 21 years of age and EA has given him a special card that can be earned by completing several simple objectives.

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Van Bergen’s squad foundations reward card has unbelievable statistics for an 84 rated player. The card has 96 pace, 85 dribbling, and 81 shooting with a five-star weak foot.

All clubs have to do to unlock the card is play in the in the FUT friendly: Managerial Masterpiece and complete each of the following:

  • Score 15 goals with Eredivisie players with at least 7 Eredivisie players in your starting squad
  • Assist 15 using Eredivisie players with at least 7 Eredivisie players in your starting squad
  • Play 15 matches with at least 7 Eredivisie players in your starting squad
  • Win 10 matches with at least 7 Eredivisie players in your starting squad

With the following squad, players should not have an issue completing all of the challenges in 15 matches, as long as they can edge out the competition in ten of them. The most difficult requirement in this challenge is securing those ten victories. The Eredivisie is one of the smaller leagues in the game, but there are a number of great attacking players that can be used to unlock Van Bergen. The Eredivisie does not have a lot of defending midfielders or center backs to choose from, however. None of the gold center backs in the league have above 70 pace, which is essential in FUT. As an alternative, three cheap and effective Brazilians from the Spanish Primera Liga were placed at the back. The remaining eight players are all solid Eredivisie cards.

The three-headed monster of Neres, Malen, and Antony will help clubs beat the foundations challenges in no time. All three players have at least 86 pace, 80 dribbling, 70 shooting, and four-star skills. Neres has five-star skills on the left-wing, and the 80 rated card is one of the best cheap skillers in Ultimate Team. Additionally, Malen has already been featured as one of the best budget strikers in FUT. The final attacker is the rapid Brazilian Antony. With 90 pace and 84 dribbling, Antony will make plays for Malen around the box. One of the benefits of using the trio is the price. FUT clubs can pick up all three cards for under 5,000 coins. FUT gamers that don’t mind spending a few extra coins can pick up in-form Malen and in-form Antony. Both upgraded cards are less than 30,000 coins on all platforms.

Promes and Kudus are the stars in the midfield with very good attacking stats for low rated cards. Promes could also be played at striker alongside Malen, but for chemistry purposes, he fits in well at the CAM position. Quincy Promes has the pace, dribbling, shooting, and passing to do it all in Ultimate Team. Kudus is only 75 rated, but he is a pest in the midfield with 87 pace and 77 physical. While Kudus does not have great defending stats, his pace and strength make him a solid midfielder for the squad. The final midfielder, Martinez, is not a terrible player by any means, but the card is let down by only 68 pace. FUT clubs that don’t mind spending a few extra coins can pick up IF Koopmeiners, who is a dominant midfielder for AZ. Additionally, Kudus and Promes both have upgraded cards. Promes’ special card will set clubs back about 200k coins, however. In-form Kudus looks amazing, and is only 20,000 coins on all platforms.

The two fullbacks in the squad are Tagliafico and Mazraoui. Both fullbacks are fast enough to be viable with good dribbling stats. Tagliafico is by far the better player with 82 defending and 79 physical. In the center, Militao and Carlos will shut down opposing attackers using their pace, defending, and physical attributes. FUT clubs can get creative and use any three players at CB and GK that have strong links. Militao, Carlos, and Neto were chosen because of how great the cards are for the price. Militao is one of the best 80 rated center backs in the game. The card has 78 pace, 71 dribbling, 81 defending, and 81 physical. Likewise, Carlos is just a bit slower than Militao, but has better defending and physical attributes.

Neto rounds out the team at goalkeeper. The Barcelona keeper has 84 diving, and 80 reflexes. As an 82 rated card, Neto will only cost players 3,000 coins. While the Brazilian goalie has handling, kicking, and positioning stats in the 70s, these can be boosted using the appropriate chemistry card.

There are several affordable upgraded cards and honorable mentions that were not included in the team because of pricing and chemistry. Notably, in-forms Boadu, Linsssen, and Giakoumakis all look like great attackers to back up the players in this team. Upgraded Tadic and in form Klaassen are good alternatives in the midfield as well. Finally, Dumfries is a very impressive right back that could take the place of Mazraoui.

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