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While Fate/Grand Order players have just finished up the Fate/Grand Order 2021 Valentine’s event, another rerun is taking its place after maintenance is over. After a 2-year wait, the Abyssal Cyber Paradise, SE.RA.PH returns one last time. From February 17th to March 7th, players can participate in this special collaboration event that doubles as a pseudo-main story chapter.

In another universe, the Fate/Extra series diverged from other timelines with the loss of mana and magecraft resulting in a virtual Holy Grail on the moon. Through some interference, the same artificial environment has now manifested on Chaldea’s offshore oil rig Seraphix. Now players must team up with various Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC characters to uncover the mystery behind SE.RA.PH. and this Moon Grail War.

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Despite most players being used to difficult events, the original CCC collaboration earned its reputation of being one of the most grind-heavy with the need to farm enough Sakura Chip event currency move the plot forward. This still holds true for the Second Ballet rerun where this progression is concurrent with completing 100 missions and clearing out the event shop. Since completing Part 1 of Fate/Grand Order‘s main story is required to access the CCC collaboration event, multiple max leveled servants are needed to defeat the tough enemies throughout SE.RA.PH.

Thankfully, there are several gacha Craft Essences which increase the chance of encountering rare enemies needed for missions. Furthermore, many Fate/Extra servants, those appearing in the event story, and a special event CE will grant a bonus to Sakura Chip drops which helps reduce the grinding needed.

Note that this is the last chance for newer players to get the 4-Star welfare servant BB. Because of her Moon Cancer-class, BB is the premier counter to Avengers while also excelling at team support through her ability to cleanse debuffs, stun enemies, and charge the party’s NP gauge through her own NP. BB will join after completing the main story while her ascension materials and extra NP copies are locked behind the epilogue questline.

Fate/Grand Order is available on Android and iOS.

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