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Fate/Grand Order players may have just finished the Prisma Illya rerun, but they won’t be getting any breaks, since the next event begins right after maintenance. The start of February means love is in the air and FGO’s annual Valentine’s event returns once again. From February 3rd to February 16th, players can join the celebration and earn special rewards.

Like past years, the Valentine’s 2021 event revolves around giving chocolate to various summoned servants. In exchange, players will get a special chocolate or servant-related gift. This time, however, every cutscene from the newest additions to the original Fate/Grand Order launch roster now has voice acting included. But to get these sweet prizes and interactions, players must first deal with the appearance of a mysterious new servant and seven cursed books.

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In this event, most rewards such as the cutscene-unlocking chocolates come from a Valentine’s point ladder which is filled by gathering Poetry Composition points from free quests. Players can also buy point-boosting craft essences and other items from the event shop for three types of event currency obtained from all quests: Brush of Dream Writing, Ink of Sentiment Weaving, and Paper of Story Recording. Note that the best free quests for points and event currency are gated by main story quests which unlock daily so everybody should save their AP-refilling apples towards the end of Valentine’s 2021.

While players should notice the lack of bonus servants compared to normal, the new SSR Murasaki Shikibu will get a 100-percent attack bonus and 50-percent bond point bonus when used during the event. Murasaki will be summonable on the event gacha banner which also features rotating rate-ups for many other female 5-star servants.

Fate/Grand Order is available on Android and iOS.

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