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Fanatical is a website that sells keys for PC games that can be redeemed on Steam or other online platforms. Unlike key resellers, it only sell keys directly from developers, and doesn’t resell keys obtained illegitimately.

SNK Playmore is a game developer primarily known for its fighting games like King of Fighters and Fatal Fury series. With the former having started back in 1994, and going on to the present day with the recently announced King of Fighters 15. Although it has also released popular non-fighting games like Metal Slug and Shock Troopers.

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Fanatical is currently running a sale on SNK Playmore games for PC. Right now, 44 SNK developed games are discounted on the site. Most of the keys on sale can only be redeemed on Steam, but a few of the older titles can be redeemed on GOG, instead. And, unlike some other sites, buyers won’t have to worry about buying stolen game keys.

A number of King of Fighters games, such as King of Fighters ’98, King of Fighters 2002, and King of Fighters 14 are on sale. Several games in the Metal Slug series are on sale, including the original Metal Slug, Metal Slug XX, and the Metal Slug Pack, which is a collection of Metal Slug games. The sale also includes some lesser known games like Shock Troopers and Pulstar.

SNK Playmore has been making games for decades now; its fighting games are well regarded among fighting game fans; and its other series are well thought of, too. This is a great time for fans of SNK games, fighting games, or just classic titles in general to pick up some the company’s well regarded classics.

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Source: Fanatical