Fallout New Vegas: Every Snow Globe And Where To Find Them

While traveling through the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout New Vegas, players might come across snow globes. There are a total of 7 in the base game and 4 added in DLCs. In the base game, they snow globes can be found in prominent locations, such as The Strip or Hoover Dam.

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Each snow globe can be returned to Mr. House and sold for 2000 caps each. They can then be found in the player’s penthouse room on display. The snow globes do not add any stats for the player, but do take the place of Bobbleheads in other games. The collectibles are a fun little addition to the game.

11 Goodsprings Snow Globe

This snow globe will most likely be the first one the player finds. It can be found in Goodsprings Cemetery near where The Courier was buried. Players should look for a rectangular marker with the name Whiskey Snakes Jr. on it to find the collectible.

While it might seem worthless at first, players will find collecting these snow globes worth it. Even if it means taking something off a person’s grave.

10 Hoover Dam Snow Globe

If anyone has been to the Hoover Dam in real life and got a snow globe, they can have a matching one. This one is easier to find, being found in the visitor center. It is found next to a terminal on the wooden desk.

Be warned, as Hoover Dam is controlled by the New California California. A player might have to disguise themselves in order to get this collectible in one piece.

9 Old Mormon Fort Snow Globe

When players first make it to Freeside, they most likely want to head straight to New Vegas. Taking a little detour might reward the player. Heading into the Old Mormon Fort will let players find another collectible.

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As soon as the player enters the fort, they should head right to a door. Going inside and up the stairs will reveal the location of this snow globe. It will be located on a wooden shelf where Julie Farkas has her office.

8 Mt. Charleston Snow Globe

Unlike other snow globes in the game, this one will have the Pre-War location’s name. Heading to the Super Mutant and Nightkin sanctuary of Jacobstown is where players can find the Mt. Charleston snow globe. Players will need to head inside of the Jacobstown lodge.

When players first enter the building, they will see a rounded desk with a terminal on it. Looking to the left of the terminal will reveal where the snow globe is.

7 Nellis Air Force Base Snow Globe

This snow globe might be the most difficult one for players to get to. It is located inside of Nellis Air Force Base, home of the Boomer faction. Players will need to cross a large area as the faction fires artillery. However, when players get to the gate, they will no longer need to worry.

This snow globe can be found in the Boomer’s museum area, where players can learn about the group. It will be found to the right of where the player first enters the museum. It is advised not to leave before Pete finishes his tour, as it can lead to negative Boomer reputation.

6 Test Site Snow Globe

Despite its name, this snow globe is found in the Lucky 38 cocktail lounge. The name of this one is a reference to the nuclear tests performed around Las Vegas after World War II. It is also revealed by the securitron, Jane, that this one is Mr. House’s favorite.

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Despite this, no extra reward is given to the player for returning it. The snow globe can be found behind a cash register near where the player enters. For players not following a guide, it proves hard to find.

5 The Strip Snow Globe

Players who venture into Vault 21 will be able to find this snow globe. It is located in Sarah Weintraub’s room and there are a few ways to get to it. The door to the room can be lock picked or a code can be pickpocketed from Sarah. There is another way that requires a little more work.

Sarah offers an unmarked quest to bring her vault suits. Bringing her 30 will have her invite the player to her room for some alone time. As soon as the player is finished, they can find the snow globe beside her bed.

4 Sierra Madre Snow Globe

Anyone playing the Dead Money DLC will be able to find this collectible in the casino. This one is a little trickier to find, located in Salida del Sol North. Players will need to follow the rooftops to a hole in the wall. The snow globe will be on a crate, and players will know it’s the right room if there are five desks against a wall.

Despite how challenging this one can be to find, players are not rewarded caps for it. Instead, Mr. House will give the player 2000 Sierra Madre chips for their troubles.

3 Zion National Park Snow Globe

The beauty of Zion Canyon is absolutely amazing. So much so that players most likely want a snow globe to remember their trip. Luckily enough, one can be found at one of the general stores. Located in the northwest section of the national park, players will find this general store.

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Inside the general store, it will be found behind the cash register. Interestingly enough, this is the only snow globe that actually has the snow in it.

2 Big MT Snow Globe

While most snow globes are related to a tourist attraction, this one is not. The scientists of the Big MT couldn’t be the only ones without a collectible. This one can be found inside of the X-17 meteorological station. Players need to follow the catwalk from the replica Higgs village to find it on a computer console.

Uniquely, this snow globe will automatically be returned to the Lucky 38, and players will receive their caps. Maybe those scientists figured out teleporting snow globes.

1 Lonesome Road Snow Globe

It is also sad when a snow globe gets damaged, but it is bound to happen. This one is cracked and has the liquid inside spilled out. The location for this snow globe is at the end of the High Road at the Junction 7 rest stop. On the second floor of the rest stop, this collectible is inside a book case.

Be warned, picking up this collectible will cause enemies to attack. They can be deathclaws, tunnelers, or marked men. Luckily enough, the player will survive and go on to enjoy their snow globe.

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