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Fallout 76 will be three years old in November, and it appears the community for the online, action roleplaying game is as active as ever. A release date was announced for the Fallout 76 DLC ‘Locked and Loaded’, so there are sure to be many more gamers looking to hunt down the biggest, deadliest enemies in the game: the Behemoths. 

Its reputation has improved greatly over its short lifetime – Fallout 76 went from a huge letdown at launch to a big success on Game Pass – which has helped to fuel interest in the post-apocalyptic, open-world franchise. While this iteration of the series has fewer Behemoths than previous entries, Fallout 76 fans can nonetheless find a few of the giants lurking around, presenting a great opportunity for players to test their skills as a wasteland predator. 

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In the Fallout series, Super Mutants are former humans who have been exposed, in one way or another (it differs between the East Coast and West Coast), to what is known in this fictional universe as Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV). Exposure to FEV causes the test subject to grow to incredible size, and increases their aggression exponentially. The oldest Super Mutants would sometimes continue to grow, eventually becoming the colossal Behemoths. However, while the perfect FEV conditions can result in Super Mutants that retain their intelligence, Behemoths are not, instead of being simple, aggressive creatures that communicate through roars and violence. 


Behemoths were first introduced in Fallout 3, where players could find a total of five, and earn a Trophy/Achievement if they killed them all. Currently, in Fallout 76, fans are only guaranteed to find two (with one being an event boss) but have a possibility of encountering up to two more. 

In the Savage Divide region (which also houses one of the creepiest locations in Fallout 76), southwest of Solomon’s Pond and southeast of the Vantage, players will find a Behemoth at the unmarked location referred to as Solomon’s Lower Pond. Additionally, a Prime Behemoth (the strongest variant) appears in the Cranberry Bog as the final boss for the Primal Cuts event. It’s possible that gamers can also find a Behemoth attacking robots in the vicinity of the gates to the Whitespring Resort – also in the Savage Divide region – while the Cranberry Bog may harbor another near the abandoned Bog Town by Pylon V-13.

While an encounter with these massive beasts may not always be guaranteed, one thing is certain: any player wishing to hunt down a Behemoth better be prepared for an arduous battle. However, if a Player Character is strong enough to bag one of these uncooperative foes, perhaps they’ll be better equipped to face what’s to come, as the Fallout 76 content roadmap seems to tease aliens as appearing in future DLC.

Fallout 76 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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