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In the Fallout series, robotic helpers have become a common sight in the Pre-War world. One of these robots was the Mister Handy, a robot meant to help out around the house. As the player explores the many different wastelands, they might find some friendly Mister Handies, while other robotic helpers might reveal themselves to be hostile.

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The Mister Handy was created by the General Atomics company before the war, with ruins of the factories able to be found. By exploring these ruins, players can learn more about the robots, while random encounters relating to the robots will lead to some surprises.

10 Can Hear Handy Recite Poetry

While exploring the Capital Wasteland, players can run across a townhome that was once owned by the McClellan family. The family owned a Mister Handy, who is still around to help out around the house. A terminal can be found that has options for the robot to walk the dog, pick up groceries, or recite poetry to children.

The Mister Handy will walk into the children’s room and recite the poem “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Sara Teasdale. Players can listen as the robot recites the poem, taking the place of the children.

9 Prototype Model Can Be Found

As players explore the Mojave Wasteland in New Vegas, they can come across the REPCONN headquarters. Inside a few displays of early versions of robots can be found. One of these is an early Mister Handy, allowing players to see what the robot could have looked like.

This version of Mister Handy looks similar to the current model. It looks like the eyes are mounted directly on the robot, with a fourth eye that looks directly down.

8 Introduced In 2037

The Mister Handy was introduced to the world in 2037, being used as a construction and maintenance unit. The robot saw huge use in America and Mexico before the Great War and only got one major update. The update was only used to fix a bug that kept interfering with multiple arms being used.

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The Mister Handies were also able to perform maintenance on each other, possibly explaining how they survived so well after the war. The lack of updates probably explains why the robots sometimes attack the player on sight.

7 Can Be Held Up By Bandit

Players of Fallout 76 might come across a random encounter with a Mister Handy. He will seem innocent enough, asking the player for a little bit of help. He will then demand the player drop a valuable item. The best part is, the robot does not actually know what is valuable.

Players can decide to drop their favorite clothing item or a simple desk fan. Refusing to give the robot anything or ignoring it will cause it to become hostile. Defeating the bandit will allow the player to loot anything already given to the robot.

6 A ‘Town’ Of Mr Handies

As players explore the wasteland around Boston, they might come across a giant Mister Handy statue. The location is called General Atomics Galleria and shows what a city would look if it was run by Mister Handies. Players cannot see the actual running ‘city’ until they trigger the grand opening event.

Players will be directed to the giant Handy head in the center, where they will meet The Director. Afterwards the Mister Handies on the shops will become the shopkeepers they were meant to be. Just be careful – interacting with the robots may turn them hostile.

5 Can Find Collectible Versions Of Them

Players can find a miniature Mister Handy model as they explore Boston. The models take the appearance of Mister Handies from Fallout 3 and New Vegas, offering a ‘retro’ look to the robots. These little models are useful for decorating a player’s personal home.

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The models can rarely be found in the Vault-Tec lunchboxes located around the Commonwealth. Along with the Mister Handy model, players can also find a Sentry Bot, Mister Gutsy, and an Eyebot.

4 New Vegas Handy Sounds More Robotic

Players might notice that the Mister Handies in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 have a pretty human voice. It would seem the robots on the west coast did not get the same voice module, as they have robotic voices. New Vegas is full of dark buildings, with the voices making the robots a little scarier.

It is unknown why the Mister Handies for New Vegas have a robotic voice unlike their East Coast counterparts. Perhaps it is because of different shippers, or maybe these Handies are just unique.

3 Has A Female Counterpart

The Mister Handies that can be found all have male voices. It wasn’t until Fallout 4 that a female version of the Mister Handy was revealed, this version being the Miss Nanny. The main focus of this robot was to take care of children, especially in the vaults around the United States.

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The Miss Nanny could also be modified to do medical research. An example of this could be found in Vault 81, with Curie being an example of this. Curie was updated with new software to act as the vault’s steward and archivist.

2 Can Get A Tour Of REPCONN

When players first wonder into the REPCONN headquarters, they will be greeted by a Mister Handy tour guide. If the player enters the building between 10 am and 5 pm, the tour guide will offer to give them a tour. Otherwise, the player will be asked to leave and return when the headquarters is open.

Going on the tour will give the player information about missiles, spaceships, planets, and other subjects. The tour guide will also open up the Planetarium at the end for the players. Make sure not to open fire on robots when first entering this building, and the player might just learn something while playing.

1 Has A Safety Mode That Can Be Turned Off

As players can learn during the Tranquility Lane simulator, Mister Handies have a safety mode. This mode keeps them from hurting or killing the people who live in their homes. It also keeps the robots from attacking visitors as well. While in Tranquility Lane, players can turn off this safety mode and see what happens.

The Mister Handy will attack the homeowner, named Mabel Henderson, and kill her. It could be assumed after 200 years, this failsafe has failed and this is the reason Mister Handies can attack the player on sight.

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