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Following yesterday’s announcement that Fall Guys would be making its long-awaited jump from the PC and PlayStation 4 to the Nintendo Switch, it seems Mediatonic’s colorful battle royale will also be coming to Xbox. The announcement was made via Xbox Wire and claims the revered multiplayer game’s release is slated for this Summer, falling within the same timeframe as the title’s debut on the Switch.

Players will be able to access the game on their Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, where it seems it’ll boast all the same features as the game’s currently exclusive versions on PC and PlayStation. It’s sure to be incredibly popular, especially considering Xbox fans have been asking for a port ever since the game’s sudden rise to fame last summer.

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The announcement comes a month after rumors circulated concerning a port of Fall Guys coming to Xbox Game Pass, which was later denied via the game’s social media representative. The speculation surrounded a tweet posted by the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, which encouraged users to share recommendations for games to play on the service. The battle royale game’s Twitter account responded to the post, asking “can I play,” leading many to assume it was a cryptic tease hinting at a partnership between the two companies. The rumor was later denied, although it proved demand for an Xbox version of the game was still high.

For those who somehow missed the meteoric rise of Fall Guys, the tongue-in-cheek multiplayer hit launched last August, quickly becoming a viral sensation due to its fun, fast-paced gameplay and range of suitably wacky courses. The combination of its unique concept and the large playerbase that flocked to it due to its inclusion in August 2020’s PlayStation Plus lineup meant the game soon became one of the year’s must-play sleeper hits. Since release, it went on to partner with several major franchises, bringing Sonic, Godzilla, Gordan Freeman, Chell, and the Doom Slayer to the title as unlockable costumes.

The game even brought skins for several major streamers, esports leagues, and YouTubers to Fall Guys in recent months as a thank you for donating to a charity event. The team-up saw Mr. Beast, Ninja, Aim Labs, and G2 Esports pool together $1 million for a UK charity SpecialEffect, getting personalized outfits added to the game representing their individual brands. The game is currently in its third season and just recently got a mid-season update, adding in several changes to popular stages such as Slime Climb and Tail Tag.

Fall Guys is out now on PC and PlayStation 4, with Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X versions currently in development.

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Source: Xbox Wire