Factorio 1.1 Update Fixes Bugs, Adds Quality-of-Life Changes

Factorio, the construction management simulator developed by Czech studio Wube Software, releases its stable Version 1.1 update with a new patch. After being in early development for over eight years, the game initially launched with a total of 150 known bugs, but the new patch reportedly brings that number down to zero.

For the uninitiated, Factorio finds the player in the shoes of an engineer who crashes on a foreign planet and must harvest resources to build more complicated machines and factories in order to survive. While the Factorio can be complicated for beginners to wrap their heads around, the addictive nature of its gameplay means many players have gone on to master the construction and factory sim.

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Aside from fixing the long list of bugs previously present in the PC game, the 1.1 patch also brings several new features to Factorio. The most requested of these features is blueprint flipping, a process that allows players to mirror their factory setup, and another huge update comes with more versatile control features for the game’s spider bots. Factorio was never as messy an experience as other recent releases like the glitch-filled Cyberpunk 2077, but the game is now likely one of the most polished offerings it can be.

Additional updates in the new patch include fixes to the way belts function as well as some modifications to the train GUI, making it a more user-friendly system. Interestingly, while Cyberpunk 2077 struggles to fix its many issues, the small team at Wube Software has seemingly conquered the issues once present in Factorio.

Factorio is available now on Linux, Mac, and PC.

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