Everything You Need to Know About PS5 Exclusive Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars, one of PS5’s exclusives, received its own State of Play yesterday. It came in the form of an 8-minute long commentary video that details everything players need to know about the game such as the included game modes, features, and even its microtransaction practices.

Destruction AllStars is set to release on February 2nd, 2021, and will be a free game for all PS5 owners with a PS Plus Subscription. There’s certainly a lot to uncover here and a lot to look forward to as well.

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Destruction AllStars is all about creating chaos, as the basic premise of the game is continually ramming the opponents’ vehicles in an effort to crush them and eventually eliminate them out of the round. Cars in Destruction AllStars are said to be “disposable” by design, which means players should cause as much chaos as possible. The cars come in three different variants: the first type is focused on reaching max speeds, the second one is built around superior handling, and the last one is the heaviest, which deals huge amounts of damage but isn’t so nimble.

Simply crashing an enemy’s vehicle isn’t enough, as it would just knock the rider character out onto the arena. This shifts Destruction AllStars‘ dynamics from crashing to evading, as the fallen must utilize their fast movement speeds and parkour abilities to evade all danger and find an opening to jump onto an opponent’s vehicle. This, in turn, would trigger a mini-game where the winner gets to keep the vehicle or in the case of the attacker, even wreck it along with the driver.

Destruction AllStars‘ characters are also visually distinct and goofy. Each character comes with their own vehicle and an on-foot special ability that can be charged up via ramming opponents and collecting pickups. The trailer shows off two characters, named Shyft and Lupita. The latter can utilize her special to raise a trail of fire either on a vehicle or on foot, which damages anyone caught in them, while Shyft, on the other hand, can turn invisible on using his special either on a vehicle or on-foot, enabling players to carry out quick ambushes.

Destruction AllStars is set to release with 4 distinct game modes which can be played either solo or online. Mayhem, the first mode, is a typical team-deathmatch that pits 2 teams against each other as they wreck each other within a given time limit to gain the maximum number of points. Carnado is an 8 vs 8 game mode where wrecking the other team’s vehicles will cause them to drop Gears, an in-game currency that needs to be collected in order to win the match. The catch, however, is that to cash in the Gears, players need to ram their car into the Carnado which is raging in the center of the map. This creates a unique dynamic of risk vs reward, which seems entertaining.

The third mode, Stockpile, is an interesting adaptation of traditional capture the flag, as players will need to collect gears and then make their way on foot to one of the banks on the map. The team with the most banks in control at the end of the game wins. The last mode, Gridfall, is a 16 player mode where every player needs to survive in an effort to be the last man standing. The arena will constantly become smaller and smaller in size, as players will trade respawns in an effort to stay alive until the very last minute.

In addition to these modes, a Challenge Series is also included which focuses on a particular AllStar’s backstory and will put players through a set of challenges, with a finale pitting them against their rival. Destruction AllStars includes a bunch of customization features such as emotes and skins which can be purchased using one of two currencies-AllStar and Destruction points. AllStar points can be earned by playing online, while Destruction points can be purchased via the PlayStation Store. Lucid Games has reassured that these upgrades will be purely cosmetic and won’t give players any advantages against their opponents.

Destruction AllStars releases for the PS5 on February 2, 2021.

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