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While Overwatch fans have a long road ahead of them before the sequel arrives, Blizzard seems to be doing everything that it can to ensure the original game remains entertaining. Not only was a Pachimari challenge event recently held, but the latest version of the Archives event has begun. This time around, the event is themed around celebrating ancient history.

While Overwatch fans can replay any of the old Archive missions, they can also add some brand-new Modifiers to freshen the levels up. Some new weekly challenges will also be available, as will a special batch of skins that can only be obtained with Credits or some loot box luck. For the next three weeks, players can expect the following content to be seen within their Overwatch matches.

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Players will see the same lineup of missions in the Archives event as they did last year, with no new additions being made to the lineup. This means that Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising will be available. The first mission showcases the King’s Row Uprising, which doubles as the very first mission of Overwatch mascot Tracer. Retribution depicts the one of Blackwatch’s missions, with the group functioning as the covert ops division of Overwatch. Finally, Storm Rising sees Overwatch hunting down Maximilien, the banker for Talon. It also includes a final cutscene that seemingly sets up Overwatch 2’s story.

Players can also modify each of these missions, with the same Modifiers from last year’s Archives event returning alongside new additions. Week one will feature Molten Cores, Glass Cannon, and the new Bulletproof Barriers Modifier, which sees enemy barriers becoming invulnerable. Week two brings Surgical Strike and Close Quarters back, while also adding the Sympathy Gains Modifier that sees enemies healing each other when damaged. Week three brings Blood Moon and Storm Raging to players, while also adding the Thunderstorm Modifier that sees enemies damaging all players in an area at the same time.

  • Mousquetaire – Widowmaker (Loot Boxes)
  • Cavalry – Tracer (Loot Boxes)
  • Soldier 1776 – Soldier 76 (Loot Boxes)
  • Bushi – Genji (Loot Boxes)
  • Polyanitsa – Zarya (Loot Boxes)
  • Corredor – Lucio (Week One)
  • Subaquatic – Zenyatta (Week Two)
  • Camouflage – Mercy (Week Three)

As with any event, the start of Overwatch’s latest Archives offering is the lineup of skins. There are eight skins in total, with five being reserved for loot boxes and three being spread out as weekly challenge rewards. For the loot box skins, players can gather an awesome set of historical skins for Widowmaker, Tracer, and Soldier 76. With the latter named Soldier: 1776 and Tracer’s outfit being called Cavalry, it is safe to say that Blizzard has gone all out with the clever names. Zarya is getting a stylish, knight-like set of armor complete with braided blonde hair and an awesome redesign of her particle cannon, while Genji’s Samurai skin has already set the internet ablaze.

As for the weekly challenges, players will be able to acquire skins for Lucio, Zenyatta, and Mercy. Lucio’s skin arrives in week one, and it sees the hero in a biker-inspired getup. A new skin for Zenyatta sees him receive a detailed diver look and redesigned head. Mercy rounds out the trio, getting a camouflage look that provides her with black hair instead of her classic blonde. Unlike the traditional system of getting nine wins per week, players will need to unlock stars for completing Archive missions — with 30 stars for each skin. Playing on harder difficulties will allow more stars to be earned, while each week will have a different mission that provides double credit.

Players can also snag three new emotes for Reaper, McCree, and Bastion — with the robot’s item being a must-have for Ganymede fans, as it sees the bird being fed. McCree can be seen reloading slowly, while the lovable and edgy Reaper frustratingly cycles through his weaponry. Victory poses for Baptiste, Doomfist, and Echo are also available, with a bunch of voice lines and sprays rounding out the list of this year’s Archives items. For fans interested in collecting all these new goodies, they have until April 27 to do so.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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