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The Demon’s Souls Remake brought the return of some great weapons, particularly the swords. Swords may seem like a basic weapon to use in a game like Demon’s Souls, but they are tried and true. Many first-time players stick to using swords since they are easy to wield and quick to learn how to use.

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Most players who have played a souls-like game have experience with these weapons from the start. Each sword in the game has something to offer players, but not all of them are worthwhile.

9 Broken Sword

No matter how it is found, on the body of a defeating dregling or picked up from the Swamp of Sorrows, almost every player will come across a broken sword at some point in the game. Like Dark Souls, the broken sword is pretty much useless in battle and most players will leave it to decay in their storage. They would be right to do this since the sword doesn’t have any great uses but one, and that is being used to create another weapon. The broken sword can be used to create the Blueblood Sword. At least something good can come out of this broken weapon.

8 Kris Blade

The Kris Blade is great whenever the user is a magic-user. This sword can easily help a player take down enemies, but not through the normal methods. The reason this weapon appears so early on the list is because of its poor attack strength. The weapon does get a good bonus when increasing the magic stat, but that’s it. The Kris Blade is best wielded in the off-hand where the player can reap the benefits of its bonus. The bonus it offers is an increase in a player’s magic attack. This means that all spells will deal more damage.

7 Rune Sword

While the Rune Sword looks cool and comes with a matching shield, there isn’t much use for it. Players who grab this weapon from either Upper Latria or by killing Black Phantom Ostrava will realize that it caters more to players who decide to use magic. It does have the bonus of increasing a player’s magic defense, but that doesn’t come into play that much throughout the game. It’s easy to get by without the defensive upgrade. The Rune Sword does scale off dexterity, but the damage bonus isn’t enough to make it a truly hard-hitting weapon.

6 Penetrating Sword

Players who enjoy a good thrust attack will enjoy the Penetrating Sword, but that doesn’t make it great for the campaign. This weapon has great reach and gets a damage bonus when stabbing an enemy, but it truly shines when playing PVP. It’s for this reason that it is slightly useful to have.

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Players who participate in battle when invaded or who enjoy invading other worlds will like the upper hand in combat. Players can find this weapon after defeating the Red Eye Knight in the Inner Ward or by killing Metas, Knight of the Lance.

5 Blueblood Sword

Best to be lucky some might say since that is what the Blueblood Sword is all about. The downside to the great power that the Blueblood Sword has to offer comes at the price of being very specific with the type of build a player goes for. A player needs to be running a luck build to really get the most out of this weapon, but they will find that it is very powerful. This sword can become one of the hardest-hitting weapons in the game when used correctly. It’s just a shame that the luck glitch was removed so players can no longer one-hit enemies.

4 Short Sword

Coming down towards the end of the list, players will find that the Short Sword is one of the better swords in the game. The reason for this is versatility. The downside of the weapon is its reach. The Short Sword is by far the shortest sword in the game and will require some close combat to get some hits in. It also deals the least amount of damage compared to the upcoming weapons on the list. It can, however, be used by any build that a player decides to go for and can be made to scale off almost any stat except for luck. As an added bonus, players can use this weapon to create the Morion Blade.

3 Broad Sword

Like the Short Sword, the Broad Sword is another sword that falls a little short when it comes to length. Players need to get a little closer to get some hits in, but the damage is more than the Short Sword has to offer. Players will find that they can use the Broad Sword for almost any build as well.

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Another benefit is that they can apply bleeding to this sword. Like other weapons on this list, the Broad Sword can be infused with magic or upgraded to be a magic weapon. It can also become the Large Sword of Searching.

2 Long Sword

Another one of the standard swords in the game, but who ever said that standard was bad? The Long Sword can be bought, found in the Tunnel City, or can be obtained from the start by choosing the knight class. This common weapon is the faithful weapon of any knight and can be used for almost any build. It can become the Morion Blade if a player feels like it as well. Perhaps the only downside to this quality weapon is so common that many players can easily parry it during PVP.

1 Knight Sword

The strongest in terms of regular damage amongst the normal sword of the game is the Knight Sword. Like the other normal sword, the Knight Sword is great for almost any build and can be infused with magic for those who like magic builds. The reach is much longer than the Short Sword and it is even longer than the Long Sword. Like the Long Sword, the Knight Sword’s attacks are predictable and easily parried. Players should be careful when using it in PVP.

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