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Overwatch 2 may be lacking a release date, but everything shown on the game thus far has been promising. From hundreds of hero missions for PvE fans to enjoy to interesting character reworks for multiplayer fans, the game seems primed to meet expectations whenever it finally releases. While improvements to sound design and new looks for the game’s heroes also help to make the sequel exciting, one of the most appealing features about the follow-up is its fresh lineup of maps.

Overwatch 2 players will be playing on several new locations, with the map’s boasting fresh game modes and locales for fans to explore. From towns and ancient architecture to gorgeous cities, the maps of the sequel look more alive and diverse than what has come before. So far, six Overwatch 2 maps have been announced, all of which boast the game’s standout art direction and vibrant color pattern. A few more maps are rumored as well, making the sequel’s currently known map pool a large one.

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One of the very first maps revealed for Overwatch 2 is the city of Toronto. Home of Canadian hero Sojourn, the map will hold the new Push game mode for Overwatch 2. Seeing players on both sides fighting to push the bot in the direction of the opposition, the unique mode looks extremely entertaining, and the Canadian setting provides a gorgeous backdrop. Showcasing red trees that clash with the snowy floor as well as futuristic additions that are fitting of Overwatch 2’s universe, the map fits well with what has appeared in the series thus far.

Aside from seeing futuristic skyscrapers in the background, players can find a hockey statue in a plaza area — a solid homage to the country’s beloved sport. The map will also feature occasional snowstorms, as Toronto will be taking full advantage of Overwatch 2’s dynamic weather system.

The hometown of Lucio was revealed at last year’s BlizzCon, with the vibrant favelas of the Brazilian city standing out. Much like the Greek City Ilios, the bright colors of the map make for a gorgeous setting to fight in, and the PvE footage showed that the map will be larger than Overwatch 1‘s locations. Players will fight through destroyed buildings, shops, and the Mayor’s office, providing a diverse lineup of locations for players.

The Rio Se Janeiro map also takes inspiration from Counter Strike, as it is set to include narrow alleyways for flanking and destructible environments — with signs and other items falling as players move past them.

Overwatch 2’s Monte Carlo is the map that has been talked about the least since it was revealed last year. While players know they will be heading to Monaco, only a few shots of the map have been shown. Keeping the architecture of the real-world city intact, players will be exploring the location at night, and stars can be seen floating in the sky. A museum can be seen in the background in one of the shots, though it is unclear if players will enter the large building. Based on the images show, Monte Carlo itself looks like it will be a payload map, as large spaces for the objective to wind through the streets can be seen.

A Swedish town that should be a blast for Brigitte and Torbjorn fans, players can expect several references to the father and daughter pair to be found throughout this map. As shown during this year’s BlizzCon event, Gothenburg will see players exploring Torbjorn’s workshop. The turret-loving hero’s base of operations is filled with magma and tools that match his signature red color scheme, with some nice attention to detail seeing the area designed to match Torb’s height. With tiny tables and ceilings, the location should prove plenty of fun for fans to do battle in.

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The city of Rome is one of the most recent Overwatch 2 locations revealed, with the art director’s leaning into the ancient architecture of the city. Boasting some stellar visuals and a map layout that is fairly unique, the standout location is, unsurprisingly, Rome’s massive colosseum. It will be interesting to see what mode is used for this map, as while a 2CP Assault format would make sense, Overwatch 2 eliminating that mode from competitive play makes it less likely. Regardless, the visuals of Rome alone could quickly make it a fan favorite.

The final confirmed map for Overwatch 2 is New York City. While this location has already been used heavily in games, books, and films, the version of NYC in Blizzard’s hero shooter is a bit different. Featuring flying cars and stylized buildings that showcase a distant future while also having a layout similar to the real-world location, Overwatch 2’s New York looks like a solid mix of old and new. With fire stations and shops seen throughout the city, those who live in the area should recognize similarities right away, something which Blizzard mentioned inside the Behind the Scenes video that first revealed the map.

One of Overwatch 2’s unconfirmed map showcases an unnamed city, with the area looking nothing like any of the revealed maps. Players have theorized that it could be set in Bangkok or India, with the buildings fitting both countries. With the damage hero Symmetra’s home not yet shown, a map set in India could be a good way to give the hardlight expert some more backstory, as Blizzard would have the chance to let players see inside the Vishkar Corporation. Still, seeing the Overwatch universe’s version of Thailand would be cool as well, adding yet another unexplored country to the series’ lineup of maps.

The other rumored map for Overwatch 2 is Poland, as Overwatch map designer Thiago Klafke has talked about how this is a dream location for Blizzard to explore. Focusing on the city of Krakow, the map would supposedly include medieval architecture. The city’s shapes, colors, and plazas were cited as being a perfect fit for Overwatch, and it is hard to disagree with Klafke on this point. Hopefully, his tease turns into a legitimate map when the sequel arrives.

With six confirmed maps and two other potential additions, Overwatch fans wanting some diversity in their favorite multiplayer game have good reason to be excited for the sequel. With Overwatch 2’s PvE mode adding on to known locations like King’s Row to create new areas as well, the sequel’s map lineup seems to already be in a great place.

Overwatch 2 is in development for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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