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In Mass Effect, Commander Shepard is tasked with stopping rogue Specter Saren, and his army of Geth. In order to do so, they will need an elite squad that can overcome the odds. Fortunately – or unfortunately in some cases – there are six to choose from.

All of them have differences that make them unique. Abilities and loadouts that are designed to compliment Shepard in battle, no matter how the commander chooses to approach combat.

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The majority have their uses on the battlefield and are a joy to know on the Normandy. Meanwhile, others could leave players wondering if it’s possible to shoot them out of the nearest airlock.

6 Kaiden Alenko

If there is one positive thing to be said about Kaiden Alenko, it is, uh, okay, maybe there isn’t much of a positive to him.

Unfortunately, for Mr Alenko, alongside fellow human Squadmate Ashley, he is on a ship with some interesting alien characters. All of which have proven to be more useful in battle than the Alliance operative.

Kaiden is a biotic, though his powers leave much to be desired when compared to Liara. Moreover, his gun selection doesn’t offer great support for commander Shepard. Oh, and his romance is not just the worst in Mass Effect, but the guy is a challenger for the series’ worst romance.

5 Ashley Williams

Honestly, there isn’t much more to Ashley Williams than Kaiden Alenko, The Alliance soldier just about squeezed in front due to her feisty nature.

Williams is a soldier through and through, meaning she uses guns and grenades on the battlefield. Admittedly, should Shepard not be much of a gunslinger themselves, Ashley can provide great cover fire thanks to her assault rifle.

However, she doesn’t offer much that cannot be found elsewhere, or in Shepard themselves. Furthermore, in Mass Effect, the squad member lacks a personality, save for having a bit of fire on the odd occasion.

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On Virmire, there is a decision to be made, and frankly, it is a tough call. Not because both Ashley and Kaiden deserve to be saved, but because there are a ton of reasons to leave them both behind.

4 Tali’Zorah vas Normandy

Now it is time to discuss the more interesting Normandy squad members. Tali is a tech specialist, which can come in handy for a Shepard that is more of a soldier. Or, if the commander prefers the use of biotics themselves.

Furthermore, Tali happens to be quite charming in an awkward sort of way. Conversations with the Qurian have the potential to be quite entertaining. She also happens to be one to watch as the series goes on.

3 Liara T’Soni

Easily the best choice for biotic support. Liara can lay waste to many Geth that may cross her path. Even if she may seem a bit weak upon meeting her.

One of her biotic abilities is singularity, which essentially freezes the enemy in place. A very useful power, even powerful foes, can be rendered immobile. Oh, and Liara is packing some firepower too just to make this biotic that much more appealing.

Throughout the series, Liara grows as a character, and it is a joy to see, particularly if the Aasari happens to be the one that Shepard pursues in Mass Effect.

2 Garrus Vakarian

Ah, Garrus, one of the best squadmates of the entire series, made his first appearance in Mass Effect.

The Turian is valuable; in every game, Garrus has to be considered a top-end squaddie. He is a talented sniper, meaning he can pick off enemies at a distance while also providing cover support to Shepard.

It is worth considering Garrus with Wrex, should Shepard be a highly offensive commander. What’s more, Garrus is loyal to a fault, this Turian is with his friend to the end, and that is hard to find in this cruel galaxy. Oh, and let’s not forget some of the one liners this Turian can pull.

1 Urdnot Wrex

Urdnot Wrex is a take. Seriously, the guy dishes out damage as well as he takes it. The Krogan is a must-have for any party headed by Shepard.

Equipped with a shotgun, and the thick skull of a Krogan, Wrex will lay waste to any who get in his way. As such, he is invaluable in a close-range battle. Also, as a Krogan Wrex is quite an amusing companion. Whether he means to be or not is another story entirely.

Wrex will continue to make appearances throughout the trilogy. Should he survive the events on Virmire that is.

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