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It has been two years since the events of Mass Effect, things have changed and Commander Shepard has a new enemy to face. However, to overcome the odds that are quite literally suicidal, Shepard will need an elite team of specialists. Many of which are unique, offering various abilities in battle.

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So, who are these squadmates in Mass Effect 2, and are they all as useful as one would expect from an elite squad? No, they are not. Shepard has a number to choose from, several of which deserve a spot at the Commander’s side. Meanwhile, others are best left on the ship, but they all need to work together to survive the hell that awaits them.

13 Jacob Taylor

Where was Jacob when BioWare was handing out personalities? Because this guy is a wet blanket. He is one of the two starting squad members, alongside Miranda, and spoiler alert, she is a lot higher on the list.

Soon as Shepard heads to Omega, they have the option of recruiting Mordin and Garrus. The quicker they are on board, the faster the commander can bench Jacob. There is very little to say about Taylor, except that he is rather irritating and has practically no use in battle. His biotic prowess is non-existent when compared to his fellow teammates.

Moreover, Jacob’s arsenal is lacking. Seriously, he lacks a punch in every department. However, a female Shepard needs to turn down Jacob’s advances several times, so he is nothing if not persistent.

12 Zaeed Massani

Considering Zaeed is a mercenary, he lacks excitement. The guy is on the more boring side of things, while also not being all that special in combat. Moreover, Zaeed is a DLC character, meaning players actually have to pay to unlock him.

Also, in a game that requires playing in a squad, banter is crucial. There is nothing worse than running around in awkward silence. Then again, it is worse to listen to drivel and jokes that just do not land. Zaeed would be in good company with Jacob Taylor and Kaidan Alenko. What a hoot.

11 Legion

Legion is an interesting squadmate in that he is a geth. Of course, those who played the first game will remember the geth as being the enemy. Yet, in Mass Effect 2, Legion wants to help Commander Shepard.

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In battle, Legion uses a sniper rifle, much like another entrant on this list. Except, while the geth is interesting, Garrus is in a league of his own. There is a comradery with Garrus that just can’t be formed with Legion.

10 Morinth

The daughter of Samara, Morinth could become a squad member should Shepard be on more of a renegade path. There really isn’t much to her, the woman is kind of moody and certainly doesn’t enjoy being aboard the Normandy.

Morinth, like any other asari, has biotic capabilities but she is rather lackluster. Despite what she may claim, Morinth is no more powerful than her mother. Despite her reputation, Shepard may as well keep their word and help Samara rid Omega of her. If for no other reason than to save Morinth from becoming a giant hideous banshee in Mass Effect 3. Be done with her now, and save a fight further down the line.

9 Samara

The justicar falls on the more serious end of the scale. Samara does offer good support in the form of her biotic abilities. However, Miranda Lawson and Jack are just as valuable, if not more so on the battlefield. While it is worth helping Samara in her loyalty mission and standing by her, there is no benefit to being team Morinth.

Samara is well-spoken and polite, two characteristics that do not create an entertaining squadmate. Moreover, she is not all that interesting to speak to either. She is essentially the law in the Asari race, and the law really doesn’t have much of a place among such a diverse group of misfits.

8 Mordin Solus

Ah Mordin, the Salarian scientist is lovable in his own way. His rambling can be highly amusing, and somewhat educational.

On the battlefield, Mordin is an accomplished tech specialist, though he was originally supposed to have biotic capabilities. As such, he can provide support, along with clever retorts that may be too smart for the room depending on who he is teamed with.

Also, purely for the talk he has with Shepard should they romance Miranda or Jacob, Mordin has to be considered one of the funniest beings aboard the Normandy.

7 Thane Krios

Thane was a good addition in Mass Effect 2. It was nice to see even more species of alien in this vast galaxy, and the drell are quite fascinating. Thane finds himself in the middle of the pack through no fault of his own. Rather, he just doesn’t quite meet the heights of those ahead of but steamrolls the teammates that are behind him.

The assassin may not be the funniest squaddie to talk to, but Thane is interesting. He also happens to have a great loyalty mission, one that gives Shepard more of an insight into their new friend.

6 Tali’zorah Vas Neema

Tali grows quite a bit in between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. The Quarian has grown up in a sense, given she was on a pilgrimage previously. However, she is now a respected operator among her people.

As with Mass Effect, Tali’Zorah can provide good support via her technology, including the ability to hack AI. However, if Shepard is in need of a teammate that packs a punch with firearms, there are other people that could prove more useful. Tali remains as charming as she was in the first game, and she has the potential for some great conversations.

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Unlike in Mass Effect, Tali’Zorah is romanceable in the sequel, with her story continuing into Mass Effect 3. For people that love a good romance, it is worth exploring the growing attraction between Shepard and Tali.

5 Kasumi Goto

Miles apart from the other DLC character, Kasumi Goto is an excellent addition to Shepard’s squad. More than that, her loyalty mission is one of the best in the entire game.

When it comes to combat, Kasumi has some attacks that allow her to sneak up on the enemy. A valuable tool should Shepard be an aggressive commander, the enemy will not see such an underhand assault coming. However, there is more to the thief than her prowess in combat. Kasumi is capable of great banter with practically any squadmate. She also has an interesting backstory that is worth exploring.

Honestly, when it comes to the top five squad members, there is little to divide them.

4 Garrus Vakarian

Garrus is back, and this turian has upped his game in the two years since he last saw Shepard. He is as sharp as ever with a sniper rifle, which still makes him a fantastic choice. Pairing him up with Grunt or a powerful biotic like Jack can lead to devastation.

Due to popular demand, Garrus, and Tali for that matter, became romance options in Mass Effect 2. To his credit, the turian has a nice story, with some sweet moments to be found as he tries to woo a female commander.

3 Grunt

A Mass Effect game would not be complete without a Krogan companion. However, Grunt had some big shoes to fill as he essentially replaced Wrex from the first game. Let it be known, that the tank bred creature lived up to expectations and then some.

Naturally, Grunt is valuable in combat. Like other Krogan in the franchise, he can dish out serious damage whilst also being a tank. Equipped with a shotgun and a fortification ability, Grunt is a powerhouse in close-range combat. He perfectly compliments a soldier or biotic Shepard. The Krogan also plays well with other biotics such as Jack or long-range shooters like Garrus.

Also, Grunt, much like Urdnot Wrex, is quite amusing at times. He has plenty to say and some snappy one-liners that will make even the most stern of commanders chuckle.

2 Miranda Lawson

Miss Lawson is an exceptional squadmate. Equipped with powerful biotics, an SMG, and a pistol, the woman is ready to fight. Fortunately, Miranda is available immediately as one of two starting squadmates.

Miranda is a contender for the character who undergoes the most growth in Mass Effect 2. When Shepard first meets her, she is a cold-hearted high-ranking Cerberus operative. However, as the game progresses and her carefully constructed walls are torn down, the galaxy gets to see the real woman. It all starts with her loyalty mission, which happens to be one of the better ones.

Oh, and there are some interesting conversations to be had with Miranda. She also has some memorable quotes and can be quite amusing at times, especially if she is partnered with Jack.

1 Jack

The psychotic biotic. Jack is easily one of the best squadmates to have ever been created by BioWare. She is an insanely powerful biotic and is equipped with a shotgun, meaning Jack is devastating in close-quarters combat.

Moreover, as a character, she is certainly one of the more interesting in the Mass Effect universe. Equipped with a tragic backstory, Jack has a story that is worth learning. Throughout the course of the game, this incredibly powerful woman shows immense character growth. On top of that, the psychotic biotic is hilarious, brutally honest, and can banter with the best of them, especially when paired with someone she may not like.

Jack is nearly unrecognizable in some ways come the events of Mass Effect 3, but never fear, her foul mouth and aggressive offense are still present.

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