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Scrying is a new and exciting way to get awesome rewards and explore unknown areas of beloved maps. But many are missing out on the best bit!

The release of the Elder Scrolls Online DLC Greymoor in May 2020 brought new maps, new characters, and a new way to explore while getting rewards in return. Scrying is a brand new world skill that allows players to hunt down hidden antiques and historical artifacts, some of which can be used by the player.

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It’s a fun and new idea for the Elder Scrolls Online franchise and allows players to do something other than killing or completing quests. It’s essentially a new style of mini-game that involves thinking ahead, a keen eye, and lots of patience.

10 What Is It

Scrying is a way to get a fair amount of gold, treasure, and some pretty unique items. To put it simply, scrying is when the player uses a lead they find from treasure chests, world bosses, public dungeons, and many other more random places.

It allows the player to enjoy exploring the map and get some quick easy cash, and have fun doing it. Ultimately scrying is a minigame designed for when the players get bored of dungeons, quests, and fighting. It’s also pretty addictive.

9 How To Begin

The player can’t start until they complete the quest to get the scrying equipment. To find this quest, head to the Antiquities headquarters in Solitude. The quest isn’t too challenging and serves more as a tutorial than a fully-fledged mission.

Once it’s complete, go to the journal and click on the scrying tab; this will show all leads they currently possess. Then the player can click on the lead and begin the scrying process, however, it will only be possible to scry green leads until level 3.

8 How To Scry

After selecting the lead, an eye will appear, the main aim is to match the symbols to touch the glowing orbs. If you get all of them, it will reveal one location; if you don’t, it will reveal two or three depending on how many you missed. Then simply travel to the location highlighted and search for a dug-up mound.

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Then uncover the antiquity, use the Augur to find a green square that reveals the exact location. A gold square means that it’s somewhere within the boundary of that square. Be cautious to not dig too deep and damage the item though, as using more improved tools could potentially break the treasure. If that happens, the process will have to be restarted.

7 How To Level Up Fast

At the start, the best way to level up is to scry the same antiquity three times. This is to prepare for the next tier of antiquities and to guarantee that the player doesn’t have to keep going back and forth. Doing this will get those important leads for the tougher scrys so when the player hits level 5 they can instantly get onto them.

After getting to level 5 and unlocking the tougher leads, complete each one and go back to the green leads if you run out of tougher ones. Scrying is a grind and will take a lot of time, but if someone focuses on achievements and completing the rarer ones whenever possible, they will level up quickly.

6 What Are The Rewards

Many players struggle to find the point in scrying, but there are some seriously cool rewards if someone works hard enough. These include a Dwarven Ebon Wolf Mount, Pearls of EhlnofeyMalacath’s Band of Brutality and so much more. These are not only awesome to own but can be extremely useful to any tank, healer, or DPS.

Most of them are legendary and are, in fact, described as mythic. As of 2021, there is no other way to get hold of these, making them extremely rare as well as valuable.

5 Best Locations

Leveling up fast is long-winded and repetitive but there are certain locations that are perfect for this sort of thing.

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It’s well known that Artaeum, which is within the providence of Summerset, is the best location to scry. This is because it’s the smallest place to scry, meaning the player doesn’t need to go too far to the next digging site. If the player can’t get to Artaeum, the next best thing is Bleakrock Isle, but it’s really best to find a small location and grind.

4 Upgrade Guide

Obviously, it would be a good idea to get hold of every perk but the best order is to focus on helping out on the bits the player struggles with. When it comes to the scrying skill line, it’s best to focus on Antiquarian Insight, Coalescence, and Scrier’s Patience. These will allow the player to get more moves, more squares, and more challenging leads.

With the Excavation skill line, the best thing is to focus on Keen Eye: Dig Sites, the Trowel, and Heavy Shovel. It’s good to get Excavator’s Reserves but only at level 10. The Keen Eye increases how easily players can find the dig sites, while the Trowel and Shovel are extremely useful when it comes to finding the extra loot in the dig site.

3 UI Error

This is a common and frustrating error that the player should really expect. It’s known that one bug in Elder Scrolls Online comes when scrying. After the player finishes digging up an antiquity, they may find that they can’t access the journal or anything else in the UI interface. There are two ways to fix this annoying bug but none are permanent, unfortunately, although luckily it’s rare that it happens every time.

The two fixes are either forcing the game to shut down and restarting it or simply typing in “/reloadui” into the chat. The latter, naturally, reloads UI interface. It’s very frustrating but easily fixed.

2 Best Order

There is a specific order to complete this scrying that allows for the most XP and the most progression. The best way is to grind the green leads until the player gets to level 3. The player gets 1 XP for the green leads and 3 from the blue so it’s worth scrying a green followed by a blue and so on until level 5.

It’s best to complete them in this order: one green, one blue, and then one purple. After that has been achieved, go to the next location and repeat. This is the order to increase XP and keep the player relatively sane.

1 Top Tips

One of the best tips is perseverance. It’s hard to keep grinding but extremely rewarding and definitely addictive.

The best advice to getting better as a beginner to scrying is to plan ahead. The eye can get challenging and a little frustrating when failure comes over and over again, but plan the moves ahead, don’t be scared to go down the middle to span off. The last tip is to hunt for leads, as it’s extremely beneficial to get as many as possible before starting your scrying adventure.

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