Epic Games Store Gave Away Nearly 750 Million Games in 2020

There are myriad of digital video game storefronts to choose from, with the Epic Games Store being one of the youngest. It launched in December 2018 and has been doing well since. Last year was a good one for the service, and Epic Games shared its accomplishments by looking back at what it has been up to. One of its most impressive feats was that hundreds of millions of games were given away to Epic Games Store users.

As the first month of the new year draws to a close, Epic Games shared a 2020 Year in Review on the company’s website for the over 160 million people that use its service. Some of the details it shared were how much money players spent in the store, the year’s most popular titles, and the number of free games that Epic Games Store users downloaded. It reports 103 free games were given out over 2020, and 749+ million free games were claimed. It will be interesting to see how those numbers change in 2021.

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The Epic Games Store’s history of great free games is well-known, and now that January has come to a close users are anticipating¬†their next round of freebies. They won’t have to wait until the first to snag one, however. This past Thursday, Epic Games Store revealed its free games for February 2021, which begin with the pixel art platformer and Metroidvania title Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition. It’s available now, and users have until February 4 to claim it. Another free game is scheduled for the following week and will be ready to download that day.

While the store is relatively new, Epic Games has been in the gaming industry for ages. One of its biggest titles is the hit Battle Royale game Fortnite that continues to evolve. It’s no stranger to interesting content, particularly when it comes to its crossover events. From Star Wars to Stranger Things, the game has a finger on the pulse of pop culture. Most recently,¬†Fortnite teased a G.I. Joe crossover¬†through social media.

After the company acquired developer Psyonix in 2019, Rocket League officially became a part of the Epic Games family. The team behind the game hoped this would lead to more growth and esports potential. This has shown to have been the right move, as the game has added tons of new content since being featured by the Epic Games Store. Last week, Rocket League announced a Super Bowl event that will celebrate the championship this year. The NFL Super Bowl 55 Celebration will kick off next month with a new game mode, event challenges, and more.

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Source: Epic Games