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While the real-time strategy genre has been a leader in popular point-and-click games for years, its formula has evolved over the years. Even as games like Lambda Wars emerge from long development, games like Endzone: A World Apart step into a newer sub-genre.

Endzone: A World Apart is a survival strategy game in the same vein as Frostpunk. Players must build and maintain a colony on the surface of a world soaked in nuclear radiation. It can be an unwieldy and difficult game for the uninitiated. With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks for getting started in Endzone: A World Apart.

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Players familiar with classic RTS games might think the best strategy is to try and get as many workers as possible. This is definitely the case for Frostpunk, where more hands means more resources and buildings. However, in Endzone, having a rapidly growing population means having them far exceed the resources needed to make them useful. As such, it is best to limit the number of houses built at the game’s start to 10. This will limit the number of offspring citizens have to manageable levels.

With a landscape coated in radiation, it might be reasonable to assume Radiation Suits should be an early build. However, they are very resource hungry investments, and not necessary in the early game. Simply stay abreast of radiation levels and only go for Activated Carbon Masks after the 20th Season has passed. While not exactly among the hardest RTS games ever, there’s no need to make Endzone any harder by pouring resources into an unnecessary expenditure. By sending workers to work in relatively safe areas and focusing on infrastructure first, more of them will survive until the point where resources can be spent more freely.

In a similar vein to the above note, don’t try to clear all radiation as quickly as possible. It requires a lot of resources and is easily bearable with less protection early on. It’s a battle that will be fought for the whole game, don’t rush to it while it’s unwinnable. Unlike an RTS like DwarfHeimEndzone is a dedicated single-player experience, so players will be alone with that radiation for a while.

Beyond that, focus on shoring up the elements that are the most lacking early on, especially building materials. Without those, everything will fall apart. Much like Frostpunk, it’s better to learn before going in, so don’t be afraid to go in forewarned.

Endzone: A World Apart is available for PC.

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