Elite Dangerous: 10 Best Medium Ships (& How Much They Cost)

It’s no wonder that thousands upon thousands of players are still logging on to play Elite Dangerous. The game is constantly evolving and getting new features for players to explore. Anyone with a hankering for space exploration will love seeing the outer reaches of space.

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Of course, there’s no way to get through space without a proper ship to fly in. Sadly, not all ships are created equal. Some ships are simply more versatile, have better costs, and will help players find more success.

10 Federal Assault Ship – 19,814,210 CR

It can be a pain to get this ship as it requires a rank of Chief Petty Officer in the Navy but it’s the most versatile of all the Navy vessels. It’s can jump the farthest of the three ships with a lightweight loadout making it a particularly defensive exploring vessel (though a bit awkward to manage). It can also manage as a solid combat ship but is likely to be outclassed in this regard.

9 Alliance Chieftain – 19,382,250 CR

Compared to other similar heavyweight ships, the Alliance Chieftain is far less expensive to purchase. It still manages to offer many of the same capabilities as well, just to a lesser extent. It’s viable to use for combat and non-combat builds so everyone from pirates to traders will find it works well to suit their needs.

8 Asp Explorer – 6,661,153 CR

The Asp Explorer manages to be quite flexible due to its capability for long jumps and as well as being well-armed considering it’s a medium ship. It might have the word explorer in the name but it’s capable of being useful for so much more.

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One of the biggest advantages to the Asp Explorer is it won’t take a small fortune to be able to purchase compared to many other medium ships. If a player isn’t quite sure what ship to purchase, it’s hard to go totally wrong with this one.

7 Krait Phantom – 37,472,254 CR

The Krait Phantom is a flexible ship that sacrifices firepower and internal space to try and make it flexible for use in multiple builds. It’s still strong enough to manage in combat situations while being a solid explorer pulling off farther jumps than Asp Explorer. Of course, it’s also a good combat ship alone, that could make and pirate or bounty hunter proud.

6 Keelback – 3,126,150 CR

The Keelback is a strong choice for anyone on a budget that needs a cargo ship that can actually manage to survive getting caught in a dogfight. It has a bit less cargo space to gain those defensive and offensive capabilities but it can be the difference between getting the goods safely home and being blown up in space. Plus, it’s hard to find a better medium ship for mining operations.

5 Type-6 Transporter – 1,045,945 CR

There is literally not a cheaper ship in this size class than the Type-6 Transporter which is a serious boon for the ship alone. It’s not only a fantastic trader ship, but it’s also capable of jumping almost as far as the Asp Explorer making it a potential explorer ship for a fraction of the price. It can even manage to be a solid passenger ship giving it the kind of versatility other spacecraft only dream of.

4 Mamba – 55,867,041 CR

The price tag might be enough to make jaws drop but sometimes pilots get what they pay for. The Mamba is capable of mounting Class 4 weaponry making it have the strongest firepower possible for such a speedy ship.

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The ship might not be flexible like other models but it’s about impossible to find a ship that is better for a bounty hunter wanting to take down targets. It can be used for those looking to be pirates or traders, but the cargo capacity will make it incredibly difficult.

3 Fer-de-Lance – 51,567,040 CR

It’s just about impossible to find a better ship for combat pilots in space dogfights than the Fer-de-lance. The only issue is this intense focus on being a combat vessel makes it impossible to really use for anything else. Still, it is so extremely good at its niche that it is terrifying to have to face one down in battle. If a Fer-de-lance is flying it’s usually best to try and retreat whenever possible.

2 Python – 56,978,180 CR

The Python combines impressive utility and durability that allows it to be suitable for many roles, even if it’s a bit expensive to purchase. Many players consider it to be a perfectly balanced ship in almost every way in terms of firepower, maneuverability, and defenses. Basically, if players have the credits and want to be able to take on any job, they should buy a Python.

1 Krait MkII – 45,814,205 CR

Every other ship in this size class has to be compared to the Krait MkII. It’s like a leaner meaner version of the Python that comes at a significantly better price. It has seriously impressive capability as a miner, trader, and for anyone that ends up in a firefight. With its speed and impressive jump range, it’s the kind of ship that every pilot envies that doesn’t have one.

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