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Since the early days of gaming, sports titles such as FIFA have been entertaining fans annually for decades. While the game can be associated with negative aspects, such as when EA banned a fan for racist remarks towards legend Ian Wright, it’s a franchise that binds people in, what fans in the UK refer to as, “the beautiful game.” One thing that almost certainly brings people together is free giveaways.

Recently, it’s been announced that EA will be giving away free FIFA 21 Ultimate Team packs to anyone who has played the game since it was released last October. The giveaway marks the return of the FUT Player Days campaign, which in the past has added bonuses and in-store offers to the game.

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All players need to do is log into the main game or the FIFA 21 web app, and navigate to the “My Packs” section. There will be numerous tier based awards depending on how long people have been playing this particular FIFA game which dominated the UK sales charts in 2020. The awards are listed below:

  • Tier 4 (between 138-141 days): Ultimate Pack
  • Tier 3 (between 116-137 days): Rare Mega Pack
  • Tier 2 (between 61-115 days): Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Tier 1 (between 1-60 days): Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

FIFA is one of the world’s most popular sporting franchises and despite controversies around EA allegedly creating difficulty spikes, the series continues to be a fan favorite on PC and consoles. The company giving away free packs for dedicate fans is just one of many ways FIFA keeps itself at the top of the charts each year.

FIFA 21 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Games Radar