EA Deciding Whether to Continue or Cancel Anthem 2.0 Soon

It’s no secret that Anthem has a rough launch. Practically becoming the poster child for a failed game launch, it quickly became one of the most panned BioWare games in the company’s history, second only to a mobile game.

Shortly after release, it was revealed that a lot about Anthem wasn’t really put together until its E3 2017 trailer, which was largely faked. Development on Anthem didn’t really begin until the last 18 months before its launch, with the last portions of that being rushed. The plan since then, it seems, was to attempt to turn the game around by rebooting it, which some have called Anthem Next or Anthem 2.0. However, development on that has only been worked on by a 30-man team, and recent silence around it has been concerning.

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A new report from Bloomberg now indicates that the fate of Anthem will soon be decided. EA will be holding a meeting some time this week (the week of February 8) on whether it will continue development on revamping Anthem or effectively cancel it. Bloomberg cites three anonymous people familiar with the matter.

While some of the changes for Anthem Next have been revealed, there’s still not much known about the project. Executive Producer Christian Daily only touched on this a few times last year, and this was before Dailey moved over to Dragon Age 4. It’s been nothing but silence since.

While Dailey moving from one project to the next isn’t a death knell, the state of Anthem Next could be. Again, there’s not much known, but EA will reportedly be making its decision by looking at the latest version of the game. It seems the specific choice will be whether to invest and expand the 30-man team for the project or abandon it altogether. According to Bloomberg’s source, continued work on Anthem Next will need to at least triple the size of that team in order to make new content and continue overhauling mechanics.

From the publisher’s perspective, it’s hard to say which way it may lean with Anthem. There’s a lot of factors involved, including budget in continuing to work on a badly-received game, and an EA Spokesman reportedly declined to comment on the matter. Perhaps more uncertain is when, or whether or not, the results of this meeting will be announced. With many questioning Anthem 2.0‘s future, it seems this meeting may be the one to put the final nail in that coffin or to give the project new hope, but communication on that matter may be a whole other story.

Anthem is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Bloomberg