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Wizards of the Coast has announced a brand new line of miniatures coming to Dungeons and Dragons, with dozens of themed monsters for players to collect. The miniatures are a part of the Icons of the Realm series, with each classic Dungeons and Dragons monster falling into the new Boneyard theme for a spooky vibe among the models.

Players can pick up these new, pre-painted miniatures through the booster packs that Wizards of the Coast is offering to give customers a chance at any of the monsters in the collection. These booster packs can either be purchased as a single box with a number of Dungeons and Dragons monsters inside, or a brick that comes with eight of these packs all packaged together.

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There are 45 of these Boneyard figures to collect in total, including all sorts of miniatures from powerful Dungeons and Dragons monsters like a Tyrannosaurus Zombie to more run of the mill enemies like skeletons. Each one of them, however, has been picked specifically to fit in with the Boneyard theme, meaning that they are either some sort of undead creature, or have otherwise exposed bone in some form. Gathering up the full collection would be a huge gain for any Dungeon Master trying to step up their game with a visual representation of some of the game’s most iconic enemies.

Each of the booster packs come with one large figure and three small to medium sized miniatures, so lucky players might be able to collect everything in a single brick. However, the nature of these randomized boosters does imply that some monsters might be more rare than others, and duplicates are likely. In this case, tabletop miniature collectors may want to be careful as they rush to build their collection as quickly as possible.

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Source: DnDmini.com