Dungeons and Dragons Announces Massive Tiamat Miniature

Dungeons and Dragons is getting its largest miniature yet. Announced today, the company will be releasing a massive miniature of its iconic five-headed dragon-goddess antagonist Tiamat.

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game that allows players to play together to create fantasy stories together either in their own worlds or through released campaign modules. The game is played primarily with a set of core rules that are used to create the characters, dice rolls to test whether or not characters succeed at certain actions, and miniatures to keep track of positions during combat.

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Few Dungeons and Dragons antagonists are as well known as Tiamat, and the new miniature from WizKids seems to do the intimidating goddess justice. To fully understand the scale of the miniature, most Dungeons and Dragons character miniatures are roughly 28mm (1.1 inches), depending on the size of the character’s race. Tiamat is coming in with an imposing height of 734.07mm (28.9 inches). It is a massive piece that will tower over anything else on the table, even if the household cat jumps onto the battle mat. It is available for pre-order now for $399.99 with a release target sometime in September.

The model follows a line of impressive miniatures from WizKids that have represented all of the game’s chromatic dragons, culminating in each one being represented by one of the heads of Tiamat. Speaking with IGN Patrick O’Hagan, WizKids executive producer of RPGs, expressed how important it was to the team to carefully sculpt each race of dragons to represent them. O’Hagan also said, “Remember she isn’t just a statue – we want folks to play with her on their tables! Ultimately these challenges weighted against what we felt was a price fans were willing to pay for her.”

O’Hagan also says that WizKids has a slate of new releases planned for the next three years, both working closely with Wizards of the Coast for newly released Dungeons and Dragons content as well as looking into the game’s history.

The miniature is rather impressive and pushes the envelope on just how big a “miniature” can be. With a lot of great detail and movement that really brings Tiamat to life, even if it is at a hefty price point. The release comes at a good time as well, as Dungeons and Dragons has been increasing in popularity in recent years, both as a consequence of the popularity of the Netflix series Stranger Things as well as people finding the game as a good way to connect with their friends while isolating during the coronavirus pandemic. With doubtlessly more miniatures on the way, as well as a movie and television show, the future looks bright for the game’s fans.

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Source: IGN