Dragon Age: Which DA:O Character Are You Based on MBTI?

The Dragon Age games are one of the best when it comes to character development. Each of them is made so intricately, and their behaviors are never out of character. The development of each of them and their motivations are pure and logical. This is why each character in the Dragon Age games can be specifically classified when it comes to zodiac signs or MBTI-based personalities.

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While in most games it’s hard to pinpoint these traits, because most characters don’t follow the specific characteristics, in Dragon Age fans don’t have a problem when trying to guess their personality types. So if fans know exactly what MBTI personality they have, here’s the matching set from the Dragon Age: Origins characters.

10 ESFJ – Alistair

Alistair is an extroverted, very diplomatic, beloved character in Dragon Age. His ultimate goal is peace, and he does everything he can to make people happy. He often uses humor to deflect tense situations. As a leader, he’s always attentive to everyone’s needs. He’s very loyal and strives to honor his position and defend Duncan’s memory.

Alistair has great ideas but has a hard time believing in himself. From time to time, he needs someone to encourage him in order to trust his instincts and go into action. He’s very loving and passionate and shows his affection well. Although he can prove to be a very logical thinker, his sometimes naive and caring-to-a-fault personality tones down his hard logical side.

9 ENTJ – Anora

Anora is a true ENTJ personality. These are the commanders. They have very strong leadership skills, they’re self-assured, great at making decisions, assertive, and outspoken. On the other hand, they are very stubborn and sometimes insensitive or intolerant.

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Fans have a love-hate relationship with Anora because she’s capable of anything in order to be a good leader, making her seem very insensitive and rational to a fault. She’s very diplomatic, great at communication, and radiates superiority. She’s an extroverted thinker, but highly intuitive, and doesn’t share that with many people. She has deep feelings, and a strong sense of right and wrong, but never shows her weaknesses or emotions with others.

8 ESTP – Zevran Arainai

Zevran loves adventure. He loves the heat of battle and is very spontaneous. Sometimes he even goes as far as likening killing to an art form. He loves life, the luxuries of living, money, and he’s notorious for his sexual activities. He doesn’t stay in the same place for long, and the only time he does, he does it for the adventure.

His morals mostly operate around doing good, but his occupation clouds this side of him. He basically is able to do anything if he gets paid for his services. However, he’s not a cruel person, as he expresses that he tries to kill as painlessly as possible. He’s a very practical and tactical character, who has great ideas and is able to form a plan around them. Though most of his ideas revolve around benefiting both parties, especially him, their good ideas nonetheless.

7 ESTP – Isabela

ESTP personalities make decisions very quickly, even when confronted or provoked. They rather improvise than thoroughly plan. This is true for Isabela too. She’s also very practical and doesn’t know what to do with abstract theories and concepts. She’s very observant, picks up on things most people don’t notice, and seems to be ahead of other people.

Although ESTP personalities are very practical and empirical, they tend to leap before planning, and don’t take the time to think actions through. They’re very impulsive and spontaneous, sometimes even reckless. They’re extroverted social butterflies, sometimes dramatic, very competitive, and while they don’t follow abstract concepts, they can be very intuitive, trusting their gut no matter what.

6 INFJ – Leliana

Leliana has her eyes on the ball. She’s highly driven by her vision of what the world should be like. She has visions, and she trusts these instincts completely. She clearly knows what she’s like, she’s able to self-assess, and even use other’s perception of her to her advantage. She is very good at manipulating other people based on their emotions. But when these emotions don’t directly affect her, she can show great empathy.

She doesn’t care who she’s supposed to be, or what she’s supposed to do, she always does things for her ultimate plan of making the world a better place. She has very strong beliefs, but those are all based on her own image of the world and don’t revolve around a specific religion. Although she doesn’t need physical proof to be sure of something, she doesn’t need to have a deep understanding of everything she believes in.

5 ISTJ – Cullen Rutherford

Cullen is a true ISTJ. They’re realistic, always in the present, observant, very logical and practical, but sometimes judgemental and insensitive. They’re planners and enjoy order. They have great attention to detail and want to fix anything that’s not organized or planned.

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When they have a goal, they take well-planned, practical steps towards it, and it’s very important for them to finish the task. This quality makes them very dependable and trustworthy. If they say it’ll be done, it’ll be done. ISTJs also focus on traditions and laws. They prefer to follow rules rather than making up their own, and because of this, they might seem rigid at times.

4 ESFJ – Eamon Guerrin

Eamon is a true leader. He’s dependable, practical, and pays attention to people, making him beloved. Just as ESFJ personalities, he’s kind, loyal, rational, and conscientious. He’s also controlling and doesn’t like change. His practical and empirical thinking clouds his decisions from time to time, as he doesn’t think about him being wrong.

He wants to understand people, and approval is very important to him, although he doesn’t show it. He’s sensitive towards the feelings of others and wants to do good, providing care. Overall, he’s a people-pleaser in the body of a great leader, making him a beloved character, but somewhat controversial in his role.

3 INTJ – Morrigan

Morrigan has plans. Plans she’s had for a long time and plans she sticks to no matter what. Although she’s capable of altering said plans if absolutely necessary, the goal always remains the same. She’s practical to a fault, and will not believe anything she cannot see. In her eyes, the only constant is knowledge and power. She’s introverted but studies people and behaviors from afar.

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Although her upbringing was highly traditional, she was capable of altering her beliefs according to what feels right to her, while keeping some of the old intact. She doesn’t talk about her feelings, mostly because it isn’t practical. She’s lonely but doesn’t express it, and while she wants to see a change in the world, she mostly just observes, and rarely acts. The only unpractical things she loves are shiny objects, like mirrors and jewelry.

2 ESTJ – Loghain Mac Tir

Loghain is realistic and practical. He’s very hard-working, making him trustworthy and dependable. He has strong leadership skills and leans towards the traditional side in his belief system and goals. And although he’s highly dependable, and a great leader, he can be insensitive and inflexible from time to time.

He’s sure of himself, and all of his plans and wants to be a leader, which sometimes comes across as being bossy and argumentative. ESTJ type of people are known as the “Guardians”. They’re the supervisors, the inspectors, the protectors, and the planners. They’re predictable, stable, and committed. Although Loghain is hard to handle, people know, that when they turn to him, he’s going to come through.

1 ENTP – Dagna

ENTP personalities are the “innovators”, the “visionaries”, and the “debaters”. This is true for Dagna as well. She’s energetic and is less in the present, rather she’s constantly generating new theories and ideas. She enjoys being around people and going on meaningful adventures.

She’s generally more focused on the future than the past or the present. She enjoys debating, generating new ideas, and is very creative. She values knowledge and seeks to grow in every corner. She hates being controlled or being stuck to a routine. She’s a free spirit.

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