Drag Queen Jackie Cox Recreates All Of Agatha’s Looks From WandaVision

Even though season one of WandaVision has wrapped and the world has moved on to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the show will not be forgotten anytime soon. The Disney Plus series centered around Avenger Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. the Scarlett Witch, and her Synthezoid love interest The Vision, taking the internet by storm in the early days of 2021.

Every week audiences tuned in to WandaVision hoping to learn more about the mysteries behind the time-jumping sitcom premise. One of the series highlights was manipulative Salem witch Agatha Harkness, played brilliantly by Kathryn Hahn. The character instantly became a fan favorite, sparking WandaVision fan theories, memes, re-edits, and renditions of her now-famous musical number. Amongst those fans is the famed Drag Queen and RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Jackie Cox, who has gone through the efforts of recreating Agatha’s different looks throughout the show.

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Cox is a Canadian Drag Queen based in New York City and born in Halifax, Nova Scotia to an Iranian mother and Canadian Father. She moved to New York to pursue theatre and in 2020 she became the second Canadian contestant on the US version of reality competition show RuPaul’s Drag RaceAmongst her many popular moments on season 12, Cox was the first contestant to create a Muslim-themed outfit. Inspired by her Persian heritage, she wore a patriotic American-themed red-striped kaftan with a blue hijab outlined with 50 silver stars.

While Cox received generally favorable reviews from the Drag Race judges for this look, guest star Jeff Goldblum came under fire for asking whether Islam as a religion was ‘anti-homosexuality’ or ‘anti-woman.’ Despite the positive feedback, Cox was placed at the bottom of that episode but managed to win the lip sync battle against fellow competitor Widow Von’Du, sending her fellow contestant home. While Cox was an incredibly popular and talented contestant, she was eventually eliminated from the competition, placing fourth overall in the season.

However, despite not winning the drag race crown, Cox’s career is far from over. Like many other drag queens, she has a huge social media following, particularly on Instagram, where she posts dozens of photos and videos of herself dawning incredible drag outfits and dancing to Cari B. Lately, she’s had a focus on a certain Disney Plus series that’s been on everyone’s minds. Under her reels on Instagram, Cox has been recreating outfits worn by Agatha Harkness of WandaVision.

Since WandaVision‘s aesthetic spans several decades of sitcom history, Cox has gone through the effort to recreate Agatha’s different looks across all eras, starting with the ’60s and up until the ’80s. She’s even incorporated lip-sync to the extremely popular musical number ‘Agatha All Along’, which is a must-see.

WandaVision is now available on Disney Plus.

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Source: Jackie Cox | Instagram