DOTA 2 Fans Complete Expensive New Community Tutorial

Since its release in 2013, DOTA 2 has endured as one of the most popular MOBA games out there. However, it is not exactly the easiest thing for new players to get into. MOBAs often operate on complex rules that can be hard for first-timers to get their heads around, and DOTA 2 is no exception.

Many feel the game is in dire need of a tutorial to get new players up to speed on DOTA 2. A group of fans decided that if Valve isn’t going to make one, they would have to do it themselves.

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The DOTA 2 Community Tutorial Project is an ongoing attempt to add fan-made player training to the popular multiplayer battle arena. The beta version of the tutorial went live on Monday. The mod’s developers hope to have a final version ready before the anime adaptation arrives on Netflix on the 25th.

The Community Tutorial Project began based on the assumption that the Netflix series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will bring an influx of new players to the game. The project hopes to ease the new players into the game with a comprehensive Tutorial on DOTA 2’s mechanics. The team raised over 29,000 dollars on IndieGoGo to make it a reality.

Of course, the fan-made tutorial still has two pretty significant hurdles to overcome. Like all custom games in DOTA 2, it will break the next time Valve rolls out a major update. Players will also still need to compete in 30 regular games before unlocking custom modes. That’s a big problem since it pretty much defeats the entire purpose of a tutorial.

The mod developers aware of the problem and are attempting to lobby Valve to grant an exception. The team also calls on supporters to do the same in the hope of getting the company’s attention. In the meantime, DOTA 2 players can download the tutorial by subscribing to it in the Steam Workshop.

DOTA 2 is available on PC.

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Source: PCGamesN