Doom Eternal: How to Get Sentinel Armor & What It Does

Doom Eternal has several difficult multi-stage boss fights during its campaign so players can get some help in the form of Sentinel Armor. This boost is completely optional and can be turned down when offered to players after dying a few times.

Doom Eternal recently received its second story expansion in the form of The Ancient Gods Part 2, which added even more single-player missions, more boss fights, and a new Sentinel Hammer weapon for players to crush Hell Demons with. The Ancient Gods expansions continue the story of Doom Eternal and follow the Doom Slayer as he crushes the Demons’ influence on the heavens.

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Sentinel Armor is an optional helping hand that players can accept only after they die for the third time during a boss fight in Doom Eternal. It gives players super-reinforced armor that massively reduces incoming damage for the player. This makes boss fights far easier as players can focus more on dealing damage rather than constantly avoiding attacks from the boss and lesser demons, and never getting a chance to directly attack the boss.

When a player dies for the third time in a boss fight, they will be presented with a large dialogue box that explains what Sentinel Armor does, including that it does not affect progression. It is important that players know that accepting Sentinel Armor has no negative consequences and is just a small boost to help players get through the tricky boss fights more easily.

Once players click through and are presented with the “load checkpoint” option to start the boss fight over, players will also have the option to load the checkpoint with Sentinel Armor equipped. If players simply reload the checkpoint, they will not have Sentinel Armor and the boss fight will be exactly the same as before. If a player was close to defeating the boss but died just at the last second, they may consider skipping out on Sentinel Armor to try and overcome the boss.

If a player does choose to load the checkpoint with Sentinel Armor, they will be loaded back to the boss fight checkpoint as normal but will be far harder to kill. Sentinel Armor also causes certain HUD elements to have a dark green glow around them so that a player can tell when it is active. If a boss fight has multiple stages and checkpoints, such as the Gladiator in the Sentinel Prime level, the Sentinel Armor will only last for one checkpoint and not the entire boss fight. If a player reaches the next stage and continues to die, they can reactivate Sentinel Armor again.

As previously mentioned, Sentinel Armor is only offered during boss fights, so players still need to master the Doom Slayer’s arsenal of weapons and equipment for regular arena fights against the hordes of Hell. Once players have cracked the fast-paced action of Doom Eternal, Sentinel Armor may become irrelevant as players are able to skilfully blast their way through bosses. However, there is a cheat code collectible that players can find and activate that allows them to have Sentinel Armor permanently active.

Doom Eternal is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions in development.

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