DIY Kit Lets Gamers Turn their Game Boy Advance SP Into a Mini Arcade Machine

While handheld gaming has begun to decline in recent years, due to advancements in mobile gaming, the Game Boy Advance SP is a handheld that still holds a special place in the hearts of several players. With backwards compatibility with every Game Boy platform, the Game Boy Advance SP offers a lot of classic games for players to choose from. Though, one ingenious fan has created a way to make the experience of playing on a GBA SP much more retro.

Many players would argue that in its present form the GBA is somewhat antiquated, considering the staggering number of ROM hacks for games like Pokemon scattered all over the internet and readily available to use. However, many players would likely argue that it doesn’t quite beat the feeling of playing on the original system. For those who still play on the original GBA SP, there’s now a DIY kit that transforms the experience in a major way.

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A Twitter user and Etsy seller by the name of Retro Joy has developed a DIY kit that transforms a user’s GBA SP into an arcade cabinet made out of real wood. The finished product allows players to adjust their GBA SPs to where it fits snugly inside. It also allows players to potentially customize the outside of the mini arcade cabinet, allowing for an even more retro feel.

For people still under quarantine as a result of COVID-19, this could serve as a great project to keep people entertained and engaged while staying at home. It could also give them a chance to see what else the GBA SP has in store in terms of its game library. Given that it can play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, in addition to GBA games, the SP has an extensive library of titles for players to explore.

It’s impressive to know that the GBA still holds a prominent place in the gaming community and demand for the kinds of games that were found on the system is still active. Following the 20th anniversary of the GBA, Nintendo fans managed to get Mother 3 trending on Twitter, despite releasing on the GBA exclusively in Japan back in 2006.

In spite of how old the Game Boy lineage has become in recent years, during the 90s and 2000s, these systems were everywhere. Even when the Nintendo DS first appeared on the scene and continued to normalize handheld gaming, the Game Boy Advance still had a lot to offer players. If this DIY kit is any indication, it’s clear that there’s still a great deal of love and appreciation for the system.

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