Divinity: Original Sin 2 Romance Options Ranked & How To Romance Them

Divinity: Original Sin 2 has been out for about two years now and continues to be one of the top-selling RPG strategy-adventure games on Steam. You take on the role of an imprisoned Sorcerer and must make your way to freedom, either alone or with the assistance of your companions.

While completing your adventure Lone Wolf style presents a nice challenge, it’s always more fun to have company with you. You’ll greatly benefit from a larger party with a diverse set of skills, and also grow closer to the different heroes. In fact, all of them are available for romance, but some are better than others.

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Updated on February 13th, 2021 by Anastasia Maillot: There haven’t been any major additions when it comes to characters and NPCs into the definitive edition of Divinity: Original Sin 2. That being said, the game is so rich and dense that there are still new secrets and information coming out.

Aside from the original side characters who can be recruited as followers, there’s one additional side romance the main character can start as early as Fort Joy, the prison island they’ll inevitably end up on.

On the camp grounds of Fort Joy, as players walk around the inner area of the fort right behind the waypoint statue, there’s a blonde NPC named Butter patrolling the area. She can be found standing right above camp boss Griff, and will initially be wary of the player.

Butter is one of Griff’s lapdogs, but that doesn’t mean her heart can’t be melted. It’s possible to start a small romance side story with her, but it will take most of the game for the player to actually see her again.

To romance her, simply engage in a conversation with her and make sure to pick the dialogue options that are the flirtiest. At the end of the dialogue, Butter and the player character will both agree to meet each other at a later time in Arx, where the romance storyline will culminate, however, this is in Act 4.

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Meanwhile, romancing Butter at the camp has the effect of her taking the player’s side should they challenge Griff, the camp boss, when it comes to freeing the imprisoned elf. Butter will actually fight on the player’s side if they chose to flirt with her.

The Red Prince is a lizard of royal blood. He was about to become the next emperor of his people, but was exiled and is now a fugitive set on regaining his position on the throne. He has the Fighter class and one of the many assets he brings to your party is being able to dig around without the use of a shovel. Unfortunately there is no true romance to be had with him, because he will at most consider you his slave, while his love is reserved for someone back home. This is why he’s undoubtedly the worst companion to romance.

The first step is to speak with Stingtail and later with Bahara at Amadia’s Sanctuary. Once you leave the island and Fort Joy to get to Driftwood, speak to the dreamer’s ghost at Stonegarden Graveyard. Later on near at the Red Princess’ Camp, you must allow the Red Prince mate with the Red Princess, after which she’ll disappear. She needs to be found and freed in Arx after a quest that sends you sneaking into the consulate. A swombreaker is needed to free her, after which the Red Prince will birth a dragon.

Fane the wizard is one of the more unique characters in the game since he’s undead. With his special mask he’s able to adopt the face of anyone around him, or alternatively he needs to keep his face hidden.

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He comes across rather capricious and rude, but he’s the subject of a lot of bias and hatred. Ultimately he only wants to find out the history of Rivellon and comprehend the world around him. He’s a Wizard, and at the end of your journey despite your romance he chooses to go out and explore, making him a less than ideal pick.

To find Fane in Fort Joy you need to pass through a hidden path north of Fort Joy. Inside the fort itself, you’ll need to kill Kniles the Flenser and pick up the Face Ripper. Outside of the fort, you’ll encounter Windego once more, and after battling her you can pick up Fane’s Mask of the Shapeshifter. Make sure that he’s with you when you visit Blackpits after you escape Fort Joy’s island. In order to keep his attitude positive towards you, make sure you never accidentally use a healing potion or spell on him, because it will harm him. One of Fane’s colleagues in Arx will try to persuade him to become Divine so he can restore his species, but you need to persuade him otherwise at the Crypt of Lucian.

Beast is a talented Battlemage and fearsome Barbarian class fighter. He’s a bit of a rebel of his kind, and attempted wage war against the Dwarf Queen. However, the Queen destroyed his rebellion and cast Beast out as a nomad. He’s now determined to get back to her and end the quarrel once and for all. He’s an excellent storyteller and will have something compelling to say for almost any occasion. That being said, at the end of your journey all we really know is that he offers you a story and seems to be ready to go about his own life, without us.

Beast has one of the simpler storylines to complete. You’ll find him at Fort Joy, on the Western side of the island. Even better, if he’s in your party you’ll receive a key to Fort Joy’s prison if you visit the fort’s arena.

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At Driftwood, make sure he’s with you when you visit Lohar located in the undertavern. The most important part of his quest and the main bulk of it will be in Arx, where you need to help him with Queen Justinia. It’s up to you what her fate will be, but keep in mind Beast’s concerns when making your choice.

Lohse is a talented singer and artist. However, she carries a dark secret with herself. She’s possessed by a dark demon that occasionally takes control of her. Much of her personal story revolves around trying to figure out who and what this demon is, but also ensuring that she doesn’t lose hope in herself. It’s important to keep her attitude up by being encouraging towards her. She’s an Enchantress with a powerful set of spells, and at the end of your journey she seems to be happy to come along with you wherever you go, making her a pretty good romance option.

Lohse’s demon will first manifest itself when meeting with Saheila. During the ensuing battle, you need to not harm Saheila but instead drain Lohse’s vitality enough not to kill her but trigger the next event. In Fort Joy’s prison one of the prisoners will urge you to seek Jahan, a companion from the previous Divinity: Original Sin game. The quest will lead you to Bloodmoon Island, where after killing The Advocate you will discover the name of the demon she’s tormented by. The final battle against the demon will take place in Arx, where he will first manifest himself as the Doctor.

Ifan is a former crusader gone mercenary. He works for a group of mercenaries known as the Lone Wolves. During his service under Lucian the Divine, he was ordered to use Deathfog as a weapon, which killed countless people.

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As a result he now wants revenge against Lucian’s son and generally despises the Divine. Ifan is a Wayfarer and can summon a wolf to aid him in battle. Depending on the choices you make at the end, he will either despise you or love you.

In Fort Joy, the first step to completing his quest is to speak with Zaleskar outside of the fort. In the Sanctuary of Amadia, Ifan should speak with Gareth, and aboard the Lady Vengeance let him speak with Bishop Alexander. At Reaper’s Coast you will be led over to a character known as Roost, who will inform you the whereabouts of Alexander. After killing him the contract for Alexander can be picked up on his body, and Ifan’s quest is complete when he’s killed. Keep in mind, that if you choose to make Lucian Divine again Ifan will despise you at the end.

Sebille the rogue isn’t exactly the nicest of characters out there, but her bad attitude is simply a side effect of having worked as a slave for lizards for most of her life. Sebille was controlled by a mysterious Master character that beckoned her to kill her own kind. She managed to free herself, but now wants to get revenge. She’s a Rogue, and is ultimately the best companion to have not only because of her strong skill set, but also because of how loving and loyal she is once you gain her trust. No matter what choice you make in the end, Sebille’s loyalty will lie with you.

The main task is to reach the Master that has tormented Sebille. To begin her quest, you need to let her meet and kill Stingtail in Fort Joy. Once you find Roost, he’ll tell you that the Master is located on the Nameless Isle. Her quest really comes to a completion only after you find and kill the Shadow Prince, who’s also her former Master. Finally, you need to destroy the mother tree on the island to allow elves be free but also to ensure Sebille can walk away free.

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