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Disenchantment’s third season has gotten more fans interested in this fantasy series than ever before. With dashes of serious storyline thrown in amongst Matt Groening’s comedy, the show is a serious delight and one of the better Netflix original animated series.

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The adventures of Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie De La Rochambeaux Grunkwitz (yes that’s her full name) and her friends have been as intriguing as they are hilarious. Still, not all episodes are created equal. Some stand out above the rest and the general consensus of fans puts some of them firmly on top.

10 S1 Ep8: The Limits Of Immortality – 7.5

With Elfo kidnapped, Princess Bean and everyone else in the kingdom make finding him their number one priority as his blood could potentially offer immortality. There are quite a few funny moments in the episode, including some great screen time for Birdman.

The plot of the series started to finally come into play a bit more by this point during season one, making it a well-liked episode.

9 S3 Ep4: Steamland Confidential – 7.6

Steamland is one of the coolest settings of the series so getting to see it a bit more in focus was a serious pleasure. Bean’s infiltration of a factory to try and find the Arch Druidess is contrasted well by Elfo’s antics entertaining the explorers’ club.

It’s also neat having an episode where Luci isn’t a big part of the dynamic of the group, letting the other two characters breathe a little.

8 S1 Ep5: Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill! – 7.6

When King Zøg kicks Bean out of the castle, it was the perfect recipe for a bit of fun. Watching her struggle to figure out work and how real jobs go is seriously hilarious. It turns out she might be a good executioner at least.

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During this, viewers also got to see a bit of a fun side plot with Elfo running into the equivalent of Hansel and Gretel. The conclusion breaks a few expected tropes about witches as well, which is really fun to see.

7 S3 Ep9: The Madness Of King Zøg – 7.7

This episode allows the relationship between Bean and King Zøg to blossom in a unique way as she is the only one who can communicate with him once he goes entirely mad.

The end of the episode is rather touching in ways too. It takes a lot to admit someone needs help, and King Zøg going to focus on his health and leaving the royal duties to Bean is a big step.

6 S2 Ep2: Stairway To Hell – 7.8

This episode is one of the highlights of season 2 and it was awesome to see it so early on. It seriously grew Luci as a character and showed there was a lot more depth to all the heroes of the series than many people may have been expected.

Plus, getting to see King Zøg in the subplot after the events of season 1 was also awesome. By this point in the series, Disenchantment begins to really push its character development and world-building.

5 S2 Ep9: The Electric Princess – 7.9

In ways, this was both the best and the worst episode of season 2. It showed off so many of the strengths the series had to offer in terms of storyline and comedy while still having tons of superfluous fluff.

Either way, fans of steampunk will likely get a serious kick out of this episode. Steamland presented a fascinating alternative to Dreamland, expanding this universe in the process.

4 S2 Ep10: Tiabeanie Falls – 7.9

Season finales always have a lot to live up to and the finale of season 2 managed to hit those expectations for the series. This episode got very serious to help drive forward the deeper plot of the show and helped tie things up for Bean’s return to Dreamland.

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Still, the episode did have some issues. While it showed some serious growth for Bean, Luci and Elfo basically got a sitcom styled storyline that wasn’t all that impressive. The sub-plot for episodes can be important too, and they deserved a little more love and focus.

3 S3 Ep10: Bean Falls Down – 8.0

The finale for season 3 set up lots of potential storylines for seasons to come. It made it look like a major battle between multiple nations is likely on the horizon, and it once again showed that Disenchantment seems to thrive when it moves into a more serious territory for its story.

The orge invasion was unexpected but lead to the possibility of more battles to come as it seems everyone wants a piece of Elfo.

2 S1 Ep10: Dreamland Falls – 8.0

It became clear that Disenchantment wasn’t going to just be a silly comedy when people watched the season finale. Learning Bean’s mom had tried to poison King Zøg was a big twist and the episode being more serious and less focused on comedy honestly made it even better.

Plus, the post-credits scene left a major cliffhanger that set up for big things in season two.

1 S1 Ep9: To Thine Own Elf Be True – 8.2

Elfo is one of the best characters in the show so an episode with him as a focus was a huge boon. Plus, learning a bit more about elf culture was honestly quite enjoyable as well.

Learning that Elfo isn’t actually a full elf, but potentially had a human as a mother, was also a big eye-opener that started a potentially huge plotline of the series.

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