Diablo 2: Every Super Unique Monsters In Act 3 (Ranked By Difficulty)

People invent cute phrases for being halfway done with something. “Hump Day” is a term for Wednesday and being “over the hill” is a phrase used to describe a person hitting 40 years old. Diablo 2 has no cute phrase from being halfway finished. Instead of offering reassurances, the game makes sure that the super unique bosses and sub-bosses keep getting consistently bigger, faster, and stronger.

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The worst super unique on this list would be a top-five in either Act I or II. Act III marks the point where players should have most of their core skills in place and most of their equipment organized with synergy in mind. That should be good enough for about six or seven of these villains. But “most” will hardly cut it against the rest. These super unique units will test player skill level with their complex mechanics and bonuses, so be prepared.

12 Icehawk Riftwing

The Icehawk Riftwing is a great concept. Tiny flying creatures that get into player’s faces and then dart away to heal up. A well-rounded warrior like the Amazon could easily be seen as having a tough time.

However, these are bats and they die easily. The Teleportation works if they take damage when they are below one-third of their health, but, since they take only a few hits to dispatch, they often never get the chance to use this bonus.

11 Stormtree

By this point, players are used to dealing with fast enemies that hit hard. Even druids still understanding their class basics have many means of kiting and distracting super uniques with a simple attack and retreat rotation.

Stormtree does hit hard and players that try to tank him straight up will be in for a rude awakening for when he uses frenzy. But anybody who can swallow their pride and run around a little bit should have no problem with this sub-boss.

10 Witch Doctor Endugu

Witch Doctor Endugu is nasty against magic users. He’s immune to both fire and lightning on Hell difficulty and magic resistant to everything else. He’s also got a trick where he becomes a fetish after his death and needs to be killed again.

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But before gamers slam their keyboards or play a different game while waiting for Diablo 2: Resurrected, know that this is his only trick. He doesn’t hit that hard, so even a little bit of damage will whittle him down over time.

9 Maffer Dragonhand

This special unique boss has two bonuses that usually spell out the doom of lightly-armored classes. Hitting harder and quicker means this guy will be able to dispatch these classes as soon as he reaches them, and he can reach them pretty fast.

But he can’t reach them fast enough, even with the speed buff. Even players who choose their class based on their zodiac sign will either stack up on armor or do some burst damage. Either one of those things neutralizes this fight before it gets out of control.

8 Battlemaid Sarina

Spectral Hit is a particularly nasty bonus that some players have spent time trying to avoid. There is more than one great mod for the game that nerfs this particular buff. Add in Battlemaid Sarina’s speed, shields, and posse and this can become a deadly encounter.

Spellcasters won’t have an issue with this fight and there is plenty of room to kite around her minions. Still, some classes will have to go to the drawing board more than once to pass her up.

7 Sszark The Burning

This spider doesn’t actually apply a poison debuff. That part can make the unsuspecting player feel confident. Then after a few death, gamers will be wondering how Sszark the Burning wasn’t one of the things cut from the game because of his difficulty.

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The spiders in this act all have high hit points, so this will be a prolonged battle. Getting hit, cursed, and killed can happen in an instant, which is incredibly frustrating after ten minutes of dodging his strikes.

6 Bremm Sparkfist

In addition to having Aura Enchanted and Lightning Enchanted bonuses, Bremm Sparkfist can heal himself. As he’s one of the guardians in the final area of Act III, this can cause some unnecessary nervousness.

Yes, he’s a hard fight, but don’t tell Blizzard that this battle needs to be one of the changes to happen in Diablo 2: Resurrected. The two listed bonuses aren’t that bad, so with a bit of burst damage, target his minions first, and gamers should be alright.

5 Mephisto

The final boss in the level is no slouch, but one might wonder why he’s not higher on this list. After all, he has a litany of spells like Poison Nova and Charged Bolt. The developers even gave him a unique spell called “Skull Missile” that can kill mercenaries and players in one strike without the proper resistances.

His downfall is that he is programmed like a mage and therefore won’t cast these spells when players are at melee range with him. His life total is also reduced. Therefore, any player with the knowledge of his mechanics won’t struggle with this fight.

4 Toorc Icefist

There is a case for Toorc Icefist to be higher on this list. Stone Skin severely reduces physical damage and on higher difficulties, this reduction turns into total immunity. He also has an unlisted ability to heal himself.

He can’t be higher because spellcasters and those with the forethought to keep a magical weapon onhand will likely not even remember this super unique. Others will have to exercise more creativity to defeat Toorc. This rank is the average of those two polar opposite experiences.

3 Wyand Voidbringer

Spellcasters and Paladins will thank their lucky stars that no other boss in the act comes with Mana Burn as a default. Their luck runs out with Wyand Voidbringer and it’s not just the Mana Burn issue.

Because he has the Teleportation bonus, he can blink away and, like his brother, heal himself. This can make for an excruciating sub-boss fight unless players have a ton of burst damage ready for this moment.

2 Geleb Flamefinger

Statistically, Geleb Flamefinger isn’t as good as Wyand Voidbringer. His damage is better and he can self-heal, but he lacks the mobility of his fellow guardian.

He more than makes up for this deficiency by utilizing landscape and minions. The battle with him occurs in a location that is full of obstacles and his minions will also run away and heal themselves.

1 Ismail Vilehand

Ismail Vilehand combines the mobility of the Wyand Voidbringer with the support units of Geleb Flamefinger. As a result, he gets the nod for being the hardest super unique in Act III.

By boosting his own speed and debuffing the player, no class is safe regardless of the resistances and armor. Kiting is also made more difficult as his minions have boosted speed as well. Lastly, his self-heal combines with his speed and that means having to go further to track him down in time.

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