Detroit Become Human: 5 Best Decisions To Make As Kara (& 5 Worst)

Detroit: Become Human is an incredibly dynamic and story-rich game in which each decision can mean life or death for major characters, completely shaping the destiny of humans and androids within the world as they know it (but no pressure, right?).

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Each character has a vastly different path that exists within chaos and Kara has the added pressure of keeping a child alive throughout hers. A single poor choice made in a split decision moment or a wrong button pressed within a quick time event can mean the worst (or the best) for both Kara and Alice.

Warning: May contain spoilers for the story of Detroit: Become Human.

10 Worst: Fail To Safely Evade Connor (On The Run)

In this chapter, Kara and Alice wake up in either the Hotel, the abandoned car, or the squatting house. Outside, Hank and Connor are investigating the area, searching for Kara and Alice. If they are spotted by police at any point while trying to escape, it leads to Connor pursuing the two across a highway (should he choose to ignore Hank’s order to stay).

Should the player miss too many quick-time events and fail to avoid the cars, Kara will be hit and killed. Alice will run to her side and be struck as well, to the horror of Hank, Connor, and the player.

9 Best: Play Dead (Crossroads)

If Kara and Alice escape Jericho during the assault (that is, if the assault happens, which largely depends on if Conner located it or not) they will run toward the water with other androids. The soldiers will catch up and open fire and the player is given a brief moment to consider how to respond.

The only option that will lead to escaping successfully is to play dead. When the soldiers come close to check the bodies, it is important to remain still and continue playing dead (versus attempting to shield Alice at the last moment, which will result in death for them both), and they will be able to flee once the soldiers depart.

8 Worst: Making The Policeman Suspicious (Midnight Train)

In the chapter Midnight Train, Rose will leave to set up Kara, Luther, and Alice’s escape across the border, but a police officer will stop by in the meantime to investigate android presences in the area. If any questionable answers are given to his inquiries (like saying no one is home or that they have a dog) or any evidence is left out it will raise his suspicion and lead him to investigate further.

If he does this, he will either find Alice and/or Luther or the runaway androids. Any of these discoveries will lead Luther to sacrifice himself (and kill the police officer) to protect the androids. This is unfortunate as there are many opportunities further in the story where Luther’s help would be quite coveted.

7 Best: Leaving Todd Alive & Checking Alice’s Box (Stormy Night)

While it may be satisfying (and feel necessary depending on the scenario) to “end Todd’s storyline” it is actually beneficial to leave him alive. If the player has gained Alice’s favor, she will be given a key to a lockbox in her room uncovering details about their past that will be important later. Should the player kill Todd, it will cause a negative public perception.

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But if Todd is left alive, he will pop back up again much later in the story in the final chapter if Kara and Alice make it to the bus station. He will attempt to get back at them by alerting the guards to android presence (leading to their death), or (if the box was viewed) can have his humanity appealed to by his past and he will let the two go. This is the optimal outcome to keep public opinion positive as well as not getting killed.

6 Worst: Kara Remained Reset (Zlatko)

If Kara is reset in the Zlatko chapter, she will have two potential paths: regain her memory, or remain reset. If the player allows the timer to run out without regaining her memory, Zlatko will order Luther to collect Alice, at which point she clings to Kara, begging for help, with no response.

After Zlatko tears Alice away from Kara there is a sober cutscene of a quiet house, containing a black-eyed Kara, destined to live the rest of her life in servitude to Zlatko, with no Alice in sight.

5 Best: Keep Alice Calm (Battle For Detroit)

In the final chapter of the game, Kara, Alice, and Luther (if he is still alive) may find themselves at the recall center where they are destroying androids (typically after being captured in past chapters). This is a terribly emotional sequence that terrifies Alice. As always, Kara’s goal is to keep Alice safe or at least calm.

If Kara fails to keep Alice calm (or doesn’t make it to her to calm her in time) while they are in the lineup waiting to be destroyed, Alice will panic and attempt to run over to Kara, resulting in Alice being shot in front of her (unless Kara shields her, which will result in Kara’s death). There are many impactful speech options during this sequence and the calming approach is advised for all of them so the pair have the best chance at making it out alive.

4 Worst: Abandon Alice (Battle For Detroit)

If Kara and Alice end up at the recall center (usually from being captured) they will wind up in a lineup. During this lineup, an android will attempt to run and be instantly shot down. The soldier will then demand the android in front of Kara should take the body to the dump and Kara will be given the option to volunteer to do it instead.

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Once she has dragged the body to the dump she will notice a truck taking the bodies away and has the option of hiding onboard, abandoning Alice. An incredibly emotional scene plays out of poor Alice, all alone, being marched into the disassembly machine, using her last moment to hope Kara comes to save her.

3 Best: Dive (Battle For Detroit)

If Kara and Alice (and possibly Luther) don’t make it on the bus they will have the option to attempt to cross over to Canada via a small boat. Once on the water, the coastguard will attack, shooting at the boats containing androids. If Luther is there, Kara and Alice can hide behind him for shelter, leading to Luther’s death, but the survival of Kara and Alice.

If Luther is not alive by this point, the only option to survive is to dive off the boat to hide from the coastguard. Any other option results in either Kara or Alice getting hurt, which is traumatic enough on its own, but if Alice is hurt and dies, Kara will be left with the option to deactivate herself or go on to live without her.

2 Worst: Remain Obedient (Stormy Night)

In the chapter Stormy Night, Todd (Kara’s owner) is on a rampage after smoking Red Ice. He’s just struck Alice after a rant blaming her for their current living situation, after which she runs to her room. If Kara moves to go after her, Todd threatens to “bust her up worse than last time” if she moves.

If the player chooses to remain obedient and not move, Todd will smoke more Red Ice and begin pacing as his rage grows. He mumbles to himself about teaching Alice respect and begins to remove his belt. Should the player continue to remain still as ordered, Todd will climb the stairs and do exactly what is expected. This will result in Alice’s death and Kara’s destruction.

1 Best: Become A Deviant (Stormy Night)

This path is littered with quick-time events and micro-choices that can determine if Kara and Alice survive and make it out of the house, thus providing a full storyline and gameplay for the player. If the quick-time events and decisions are correct, Alice and Kara will escape on a bus in search of a better life.

If too many quick-time events are failed (or especially if they are not done quick enough), it will generally end with Alice’s death and Kara’s destruction.

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