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Each month Sony releases new free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and most months those games rapidly grow in popularity. Capitalizing on that initial success is important to a game’s longevity, potentially securing a game studio’s future for years. It should be no surprise then that February 2021 PS+ release Destruction AllStars is already moving to keep players logged in and playing beyond its free availability window. Destruction AllStars‘ content roadmap is said to be plump with upcoming content plans.

Unfortunately, for the time being, that roadmap isn’t available just yet. Players will have to trust the word of John McLaughlin, a developer at Sony XDev. According to McLaughlin, the development team for Destruction AllStars already has plans to deliver content for the multiplayer vehicular action game through 2021. They say that Destruction AllStars has “loads of cool stuff coming,” but also that the team plans to engage with players to ensure the content being delivered is what players want.

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Part of what McLaughlin says will help keep Destruction AllStars fresh is that the game’s modes are very modular. That means that the developers will be able to go in and make tweaks to Destruction AllStars game modes with relative ease. The developers will be able to use this flexibility in each game mode to quickly turns old game modes into new game modes. McLaughlin doesn’t provide any specific examples of what new modes may be coming, but it’s easy to imagine what could be.

New game modes aren’t all that’s planned for Destruction AllStars‘ future, however. McLaughlin also confirms that the game will be updated with new vehicles, characters, and cosmetics as well. The goal is to always have something new for players to come back to, as well as lots of content to explore and enjoy.

McLaughlin’s comments aren’t going to be surprising to any video game fan that’s played a live service game before. The question isn’t whether the development team wants to provide more content, but if it can do so fast enough and in large enough quantity. Live service games that stay popular demand a high pace of new content, otherwise players get bored. It’s not something that smaller teams often manage.

Destruction AllStars will have to prove its worth to players over the next month and beyond. The game only just launched on PS+ two days ago, but that’s how fast players start thinking about what’s coming next. Destruction AllStars is off to a start that few games get, so hopefully the team takes advantage of it.

Destruction AllStars is available now on PS5.

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