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Destiny 2 introduced the new stasis subclass with Beyond Light expansion. The Hunter variant, named Revenant, is a powerful force in PVP. The subclass allows hunters to slow and freezing targets, helping players dominate in the Crucible. The Revenant Hunter is versatile, with devastating AOE attacks that both freeze and shatter targets.

The Hunter stasis abilities were so overpowered that Bungie had to nerf the class just a few weeks after the release of Beyond Light. Even with the nerfs, the Hunter stasis subclass is one of, if not the best in the game. Trials and Crucible hunters need to try out the class setup in this article. Gamers that are not using Revenant will be killed by a guardian who is.

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Updated: March 30th, 2021 by Payton Lott: Destiny 2 is constantly adapting as Bungie frantically tries to keep up with new metas and playstyles. Unfortunately, things can become a bit overpowered (or even underpowered) at times, especially in the realm of PvP. To help better navigate these checks and balances, we’ve decided to dive back into this Guide and keep things fresh concerning Hunters and their best Crucible-based builds.

The new subclass skill tree introduced two new items, Aspects and Fragments. The aspects provide additional abilities for the hunter and the fragments are stat buffs that can be selected by the player. The Revenant subclass allows players to choose four base abilities, an aspect, and two fragments. Because gamers will have a total of five abilities and two additional buffs, Stasis builds have become the meta in Destiny 2.

The Hunter jump and class abilities have migrated over from the rest of the Hunter subclasses in Destiny 2 so players should be familiar with these. The Revenant class includes three new grenades and a new melee ability.

Hunters have two different dodge options, Gambler’s dodge and Marksman’s dodge. Marksman’s dodge will automatically reload guardians’ weapons when performed. Gambler’s dodge is quicker and will recharge hunter melee abilities if performed near enemies. Because of how Withering Blade works, players will want to have Gambler’s dodge equipped.

In PVP, players will want to limit their vertical movement as much as possible. Strafe jump is the best option for hunters because it allows them to double jump while maintaining horizontal speed and movement.

The new melee ability does 90 damage for headshots and 60 damage for body shots. Initially, hunters will only have one Shuriken, and the second will charge over time. If players hit enemies with two Shuriken, they will be frozen. Gamers that can get their second grenade charged up can do a lot of damage if enemies are positioned close together.

Revenant Hunters will want to be using the Glacier Grenade. The grenade creates a wall of Stasis crystals when thrown, freezing nearby enemies. If shattered, any opponents frozen in the area of effect are eliminated. Another option for hunters is the Duskfield Grenade, which creates an AOE dome that pulls in, slows, and eventually freezes enemies.

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Additionally, the third grenade, called the Coldsnap Grenade, travels across surfaces when thrown and seeks out nearby targets to freeze them. The best hunter builds run the Glacier Grenades, which when combined with the Shatterdive aspect can decimate entire teams with one attack.

The Shatterdive Aspect allows the Hunter to dive from midair and shatter any frozen enemies or Stasis crystals. When paired with the Glacier grenade, Shatterdive allows the Hunter to instantly eliminate all enemies that are frozen in the grenade AOE. Bungie’s nerf attempted to balance the abilities, but Shatterdive will still eliminate any frozen enemy that is “shattered” by the Aspect. The combination is deadly in PVP. Players can jump, throw the grenade, and then immediately Shatterdive for the elimination.

The Glacier Grenade and Shatterdive combination is even more unstoppable if Hunters equip two specific aspects. To optimize the effectiveness of the Shatterdive technique, players should utilize the Whisper of Fissures and Whisper of Shards fragments.  Whisper of Fissures increases the damage and the size of the AOE when shattering a Stasis crystal or frozen target. The Whisper of Shards Fragment increases Resilience by +1o and boosts the Hunter grenade recharge rate when shattering a Stasis crystal.  Players that equip these shards will deal more damage with each Shatterdive and recharge their Glacier grenade within just a few seconds.

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Using the ability combination creates an endless barrage of glacier walls and shattered enemies. Hunters will obliterate frozen enemies with each Shatterdive, and simultaneously reduce the Glacier grenade’s cooldown.  The method is so powerful that players will not even need to use a weapon to rack up kills.

Revenant Hunters have quite a few options for exotics to use with the Glacier Grenade and Shatterdive combination. Players may want to consider choosing an exotic weapon with the Demolitionist or Wellspring perks to reduce grenade cooldown further. One of the best exotic armor options is the Frost-EE5 Exotic leg armor. The exotic reduces the cooldown of the Hunter grenade, melee, and dodge abilities. Using dodge will also increase sprint speed and sprinting increases energy. By adding the mods below, hunters will be able to instantly cooldown their grenades.

Hunters should equip the best armor modifications and focus on the Discipline, Mobility, and Recovery stats when choosing armor. These stats will reduce grenade cooldown time and recovery. Notable armor mods are Fastball for Gauntlets to increase grenade throw distance, and players using solar gauntlets may want to add Impact Induction to reduce grenade cooldown. When dealing damage with Withering Blade, Impact Induction will further reduce the cooldown of Glacier grenade.

Players using a solar cloak may also choose the Bomber mod which reduces grenade cooldown when using the Hunter dodge class ability.  In general, players should use mods that increase movement speed or reduce grenade cooldown time. With this meta Stasis Hunter class, Destiny 2 Beyond Light players will decimate opponents in Trials and the Crucible. As more Stasis Hunter Aspects and Fragments are added in Destiny 2, there may be changes to the Revenant Hunter build. Until then, the Shatterdive build is the best Stasis setup for hunter mains.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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